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The third volume finale of Heroes has arrived.

As story lines come to their conclusion - and new ones are formed, heading into the fourth "Fugitives" volume of the show - head over to our FORUM and discuss every last twist and turn.

We'll publish a detailed episode guide soon after tonight's installment, titled "Dual," ends. For now, we'll meet you in the forum to talk about the latest developments...

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in my country is not show yet, i'm not watch yet//


i liked this episode only because my 2 favorite characters are Claire and Sylar and there was a lot of them in this. All i all not a great episode but i liked it anyway.


Luke, you make an interesting comment. I agree with you.(",)d


Actually Einstein said traveling faster than the speed of light will allow you to move forward in time, not backwards. To travel back in time, you need wormholes, but wormholes are theoretical and may or may not exist.


I've been a faithful Heroes follower from the beginning. While I will agree that the third season has been a little weak, I followed along, rooting for Hiro and Sylar(my two favorites) all the way. There's only one thing I have a problem with in this last episode, Dual: Ando, the Ability Amplifier, touches Daphne and makes her speed faster than that of the speed of light, which according to Einstein, can send her back in time. I agree with this. However who the hell said she could go forward in time by this same principle? Not Einstein! Superman goes around the earth real fast and can go back a day, but he still has to live that day through. Think about it, how can speed take you forward through time? HOW? Someone please respond and clear this up for me. Thank you.


fuck you Pablo splinter. ur the only one who hated it. god i frigin hate how everything is turning out good and then someone has to ruin it... WOW


i thought this episode was terrible. but my expectations weren't high


i think that volume three ended very good! and i really can't wait to see fugitives! when it showed the clip of it, i didn't think it looked that good, but then the preview came on.....omg, i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!


Volume 3 was nothing but a huge disappointment. They started with an interested plot, just to turn it into a stupid one. Turning future Syler into a family guy was interesting ... then turning the plot around and have him kill his "love interest" was plain STUPID (not to mention her character was neat). Killing the blond psycho on the 1st episode just to give her twin the powers of Subzero was just plain wrong. Her previous character was more interesting and original. Also, what the hell happened to "mimic" her niece, the girl who could mimic anything?? Now, we get to see 2 mins of volume 3 ... and it looks like a copy of X-Men instead of something original. To NBC, please hire some new writers and get rid of the idiots who wrote volume 3. If the next chapter is as much of an X-Men clone as it already sounds, Heroes Vol 4 is going to be the biggest flop in TV history.


I didn't think about that but I could see it. So how does he get his powers back though. He lost them but never got any of the injections. Does this mean Ando's the hero and Hiro is the sidekick?


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