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After a week hiatus, Gossip Girl returns with a new episode this evening, entitled "It's a Wonderful Lie." This episode will be the 12th so far in Season Two.

It's the annual Snowflake Ball, and hearts are on the line tonight.

Aaron's ex shows an interest in Dan, which rattles Serena, while Chuck and Blair make an interesting wager, and Nate finds himself stuck with more romantic problems on his hands - their names are Vanessa and Jenny.

What do you think and hope will happen with your favorite character(s)?

Discuss "It's a Wonderful Lie" and more in our official quotes, pictures and videos from the episode as we compile them (works in progress at the moment).

After the show, we'll be posting our official episode recap, Gossip Girl fashion and music breakdowns, and our staff favorite, the Round Table discussion!

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i looooove the chucj and blair knockoffs
and cracked up when blair said
"Shes me only less, i gave her that headband!"
nate is an asshole and vanessa got what she diserved
1) she commited a crim, stealing someones mail IS a crime. Jenny only embaressed her which brings me to...
2) what the hell was with Vanessa standing there all exposed looking around while people laughed at her. REALLY? are you kidding me i would have ran! and nates line
"I dont want to come between friends."
thats nates fav thing to do is make a pair of BFFs fall in love with him and fight over him.
Blair and serena...season 1
jenny and vanessa...season 2 gosh hes such a man whore and i wish vanessa would have gotten killed off with Bart! .....until next time.......


I loved the Jenny and Nate pairing and it's not because I cream over Jenny's perfect complextion and the up most hottest chemistry togather - I mean you guys saw thier first kiss right? By far the most tension filled kiss ever. And a little regret on nate's aprt, but we see that was just confusin in his letter latter. I just wish they would get togather they are undeinabley cute togather - sometimes i wonder why so many people are out against the pairing. Anyways, I hate the Nate and Vanessa paiting, I cannot stand it and the only way to make it bearable is the ancticipation of Jenny's next move. Yay D&S! Best chemistry ever. HAHA WONDER WHY.
Yay, The wicked Bart is dead.


i still haateee vanessa!!!! i love n&j.. i hope the rumor about jenny pregnant at the end of the season comes true!!!


what happened on scenes for next week i missed it


I cant belive Blair thinks Aaron is hott, sorry i just wanted to let that out, it bothered me a little.


s&d are so cute! please go away already aaron. b&c scenes were way too short and im glad n chose v. . .


holy effin shit.
poor bart after seeing this it made me feel so ba for him!
whyyy did he dieee :( ugghh that was saddd!


I hate Aaron he needs to go away and Serena and Dan need to get back together.
Urgh Vanessa is seriously getting on my nerves. Can we ship her and Aaron off to a deserted island please.
I was hoping Nate would pick Jenny :[ :[ ohwell the relationship with him and vanessa wont last long.
Blair and Chuck forever! lol


PS I totally agree. I was like, whoa, that's kinda low...but whatev it's a tv show... I hate Aaron. His little faded mustache doodad needs to go and he doesn't even stand up for his woman when Lexy was being crass about his photos. Hate. Anyone have any speculation for what's up with Bart and Chuck? WHO DIES FOR PETESAKE.


Did anyone else think that Serena's dress was once again WAY too risque for a Senior dance? We get it she has great tits.


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