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Tonight on Heroes, Peter is ordered to kill his father.

Will he be able to go through with it? What other developments take place on the second-to-last episode of Volume Three, titled "Our Father?"

We'll post our usual detailed recap soon after the installment ends. For now, visit our Heroes forum and talk about it with fellow fans...

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Hey i just wanted to say hi to everyone.


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omg...i found this past episode (our father) to be extremely depressing. namely because elle is dead. she is/was my favorite character & i was/am a huge syelle fanatic! but yall know how most people that die on heroes come back a few episodes later? i truly hope that she comes back! but yeah...thats what i think...


Sylar's powers in the presence of the hatian: The Hatian's powers failed at the end, which is when Arthur swiped at Peter and cut his face. The Hatian's powers obviously didn't fail 100% because Arthur didn't get to do too much damage. Sylar could use his powers because the Hatian was weakened and was using all his power to control Arthur. What happened when Arthur died: I had been wondering for a while as to whether everyone would get their powers back when he died (specifically, Maya). The flash was saw was obviously "the light" of the catalyst. Thus far there is no suggestion that everyone automatically gets their powers back. If this were true, Hiro would not be trapped in the past hanging on a flag pole. Hiro is not gone: Not sure why anyone would think Hiro is gone. He should be, but he isn't. First Hiro can't control his power, then he can, then he can't without the sword, then he becomes pathetic and can't control his power again and gets trapped in futile Japan. Then he decides he won't ever travel to the past. Then he thinks hes 10 years old. Then he returns to normal and has all of the confidence in the world, but gets punked by Arthur loses his powers and the catalyst. This guy cannot win. He is worthless and his character accomplishes nothing. I would be sad if he died only because he is mildly amusing, but he is otherwise worthless. The writers are F'ing up his storyline just like they did Ali's.


how is it possible that sylar used his power against arthur?? the haitian was there so his powers should have blocked... and I think everyone gets their power back now arthur died...because we saw a sort of flash when hie died... let me know what you think!


Yeah some people are saying Hiro is Gone but he isn't. he just Lost his powers but i am sure he will be ok. for those with DVR if you dont stop been lazy and set it up to record a few minuts past the show you will have the same problem every week, and you need to do this every week, is annoying but is worth it.


who says hiro is gone? He just lost his powers....this could be temporary just as its been for others.


WTF........... Hiro's gone from the show? I think the writers r drunk!!!!!!


What happened in the last scene? My DVR cut it off! Thanks!


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