Gossip Girl Gossip: Blively on the Rocks?

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Just how sinful is our favorite show? So much so that Gossip Girl cast members may be starting to get involved in some off-screen drama.

An E! Online source says they saw Blake Lively hanging out at New York club Southside Friday night, hooking up with a random blond - definitely not dark-haired Penn Badgley, whom Blake's been dating for the past year or so.

Says the N.Y. source, B.L. came in around midnight with a group of chums and was "too busy making out to dance or drink." And that's not all.

The next morning, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were spotted having one awkward brunch at Norma's restaurant at Le Parker Meridien hotel.

"They both looked miserable," says a fellow diner who spotted the unhappy Gossip Girl twosome Saturday morning. "He did not smile once."

Blake and Penn Photo

Neither Lively's nor Badgley's reps commented on this rumor.

Elsewhere, across town on the same night, a Gossip Girl guy named Ed Westwick was seen at Studio at Webster Hall for his friend's DJ gig.

"He was really drunk," says a fellow partygoer of the British actor and rocker. "He just went back and forth between the bar and backstage."

Gotta live the rock star life! Ed reportedly partied well into the night sans rumored love interest and Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr.

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hahahah I cant believe some of you people actually believed this!! Its so stupid and ovbiously a rumor! C'mon we know Blake and we know she would never do that to Penn. Theyre a very strong,cute, and lovely couple. Theyre just the best. P.S.: Stop believing everything people say.


I hate people ruining other lives because they want attention and money. Blake would never cheat on Penn. And yeah, the other onlooker at the resturant said that they were so sweet etc. I'm glad that it was reported that they filmed that night, or else it would've come more and more rumors. In your face, "source"! Must be embarrasing for the source that they were somewhere else...


Ohhh I hope this isn't true. They are so cute together. IMO, they are the only couple in the cast that fit perfectly. If the rumor is true, I hope that they can remain friends.


NOOOOOOOOOOO she can not cheet cos i live in newyork and i will hunt blake down and if she cheated on him i will slap her so hard that she will cry how could she penn is the best guy in the world and i was waiting on them to get married cos i love them p.s I know were they live


their reps have to comment on this! its serious. they need to stay together. try like dan and serena


The same "Brunch" posting a few days ago said "He had the eggs benedict and she had the berry waffle," says an onlooker. "They sat side by side, giggled, played on their phone and ate. They were very sweet together." Now they are at the same brunch mad at each other, doesn't add up. One bit. Blake is ridiculous if she thinks she will ever get someone, nicer, smarter, and sweeter than Penn.


I can't believe this, papparazzishit. They are the best couple ever and i am going to cry if they break up in real life...


OMG!!!! Rumor, i hope...


This must be a rumor, cause they are like the cutest couple ever.


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