Gossip Girl Spoilers: Georgina Sparks to Return?

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Is Serena's nemesis Georgina Sparks coming back to the Upper East Side?

It looks like it, at some point. In an interview with Nylon, Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz admitted when asked about G, “It’s safe to say you haven’t seen the last of her.”

A lot of Gossip Girl fans hated Georgina (played by Michelle Trachtenberg), but that was kind of the point, so it seems safe to say a return would be met with some excitement.

The Evil G

On an unrelated note, Schwartz added this funny anecdote on the subject of Nate and Jenny hooking up, "Chace [Crawford] asked us if he’d ever have to hook up with Taylor Momsen, because she’s so young and that would be weird..."

Little did he know!

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I Dont Hate Her!! I Want To Her Back Again!!!! I Loveee Georgie! Georgina is back like the Daugther of Lilly and Rufus!!!!


Considering Georgina and Chucks past.... does anyone think they may be hooking up again? Makes sense but poor Blair


Hmmm, I hate G as a person (like, if I knew her), but as a character, she is very interesting...
Plus, she has a lot of storylines which could be explored... involving all characters, which is what they need rather than being split up all the time!
I'm interested to see how her return and future antics pan out...
Much Loveee.x


NOOOO. That's so annoying she's coming back.




georgie is coming!!!!! yu-huuuuuuuuuuuu this is how B n' S go down.. i'm sorry, but G is too awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


I am also looking foward to seeing Georgina again!! I think Michelle played her really well. She was so evil but it made the episodes interesting. I like her wayy better than Vanessa. I would actually rather have her be a main character and v not. But thats just my opinion. xo xo


i am looking forward to georgina returning! i also cant wait to see queen B take her down again! S can also take her down and not let B do all the dirty work.
there are some interesting points raised by romey.


i completely afree with lucy... also i think that the whole g story line is dead!..none of the characters want to interact with her.right now i just cant see her fitting into any of the story lines. maybe they will bring her back in the college years. some character will go to the same college as her or something.


i don't want G back on the show. i can't stand michelle trachtenberg, never did. and she will once again make things bad for Serena and Blair. what's up with that? why do things never work out for them? remember last season.. when B did something bad to J, J bounced right back up, but when something bad happens to B and S it keeps being bad for several episodes. like it's going to happen next week with B and C, B will tell him those 3 little words and he won't give a f#*@. i wish for once things would go smoothly for B

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