Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Funeral and the Three Little Words

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A brief Gossip Girl spoiler / news item from E! Online today ...

Q: Gossip Girl news! Please, anything on Chuck and/or Blair.

A: Well, after last night's episode we definitely know who the death is, and you'll know why rumor has it that Ed Westwick turns out a performance next week that is actually so good it's worth an Emmy. It's the funeral episode ("O Brother, Where Bart Thou!") and you will sob. Most importantly, though, I'm hearing that all this heart-wrenching torment may cause some upward movement in a certain long-awaited coupling many of us have been dying to see since last weekend. Blair Waldorf just might, finally, say those three little words? No, not "Do-Ro-Ta!" Something a bit more special that you will not want to miss.

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Chuck gave a emmy winning preformance.Blair preformance was great. Chuck and Bliar are the core of GG.I though Serena was selfish at the funreal. Chuck is a rich orphan now and she wanted Dan to still be there when Chuck demanded Dan not be there. She forgot it she still have parents he does not but it All about what Serena wants.
Serena and Lily planed to leave alone Eric alone during Christmas after his ex father death. Lucky Lily vacation plan fell thru.


OMG! if you are Chuck and Blair and fans the next episode is so disappointing i almost advise you not to watch it!


OMG, at last she'll say it,, cant wait it,,
i hope this time there would be nothin can stop them to be together, love them


Two more days until the new episode.
God help me! I can't wait!


I think they wont follow that entire script As it looks, Blair will say the three words in the next EP
And Chuck might answer something like "spare me from pity" or "now you've ruined everything between us" lol At 2.08 he said that if one of them told the 3 words it wouldn't be the start of anything
So, that's what I think...


thanks...remember v heard tat chuck says"guys like us take it slow" tat hasnt come yet so v can expect something good :)


omg cb fan i hope ure rite becoz that sounds lik the best thing ever!!!! nd there wud be loads of suspense etc........


I couldn't find the scene that blair runs after chuck and try to talk to him.I want to see it!


And oh yes. Jack Bass can be the villain who turns Chuck darker and Blair can be his saviour? Georgina can plot bloody murder against Blair and Chuck can save her?? Just a fantasy.


Chuck might turn darker and Blair might be just the person he needs to pull him through that. Lots of angst and "huddles" before they do become a couple. Means they'll be developing and growing and that'll make them a stronger, better couple. So much potential for so many storylines......so long as Chuck and Blair are together in the end. I'm a sucker for happy endings. What a great love-story that'll be. And Dan totally belongs with Serena. Same...angst before they get there. Vanessa can fight "dark Jenny" for Nate?? Interesting. Rufus "forgets" Lily for a while and gets infatuated with the new teacher, Rachel? Or that's too mild for GG. Maybe Dan and Rachel for a while? Hehe.

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