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What did you think of this episode of Heroes? Are you glad Arthur is dead? Are you worried about the Marines being experimented on?

Get caught up with this complete episode guide and then help us answer this question:

Did Arthur ever come across as the super villain the show intended him to be? Or does Nathan's decision to join Pinehearst - as well as Ando's excitement over how abilities could help save Hiro - prove that Arthur actually wasn't up to anything all that sinister?

We love morally grey characters (see HRG, our favorite)... but not when that character has been built up all season as THE individual that must be stopped. Know what we mean?

Chime in with your opinion in our
The Man with a Plan

Did Heroes ever do a legitimate job of painting Arthur as an evil man? One with a plan that simply had to be thwarted at all costs?

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Karen, hun, "back of the head" is just a saying. LITERALLY something (a bullet) needs to be lodged inside their head/brain causing it to shut down. It doesnt matter what the object is or at what angel it entered the head at. If the object is removed, then the person will heal totally and completely


One question... How can Arthur really be dead? He has Peter's ability to heal himself, and the only way to actually kill him is the back of his head right? Am I really missing something here, or is this something to think about?


@ Pablosplinter "we saw that the Haitian was blocking Arthurs powers on purpose. that he actually had control over who's power he was blocking. however, in an early episode when he is buying the formula in some cinema, He blocks Hiro and Daphne's powers when he didn't know that they were there.
this would mean that he doesn't have control over who's power he stops. it doesn't make sense.
it seems like the writers don't mind ignoring what they have written before if it suits them even if it doesn't make any sense." Think twice. The Formula is such an important thing and if it ever falls into the wrong hands, it will destroy the world. Pretend you're the Haitian. Would you turn your "power-blocker" thing on or off? He's like taking a precaution, making sure that even if someone with special abilities went after the Formula, the person wouldn't be able to use his powers and he or she is less powerful.


Wiz, good luck with that one... That’s one of the inconsistencies we bitch about and there's 3 explanations or ways they can play it... 1 - It takes months for comics to get published so even thou Issac died; there were still more comics to be printed (thou i call bs because of what you mentioned and Issacs final act was showing the heroes how to stop sylar in season 1) 2 - There are more precog painters like Issac and Utusu who have continued on with Issac's work after realizing they were drawing the same material. 3 - They shows writers and producers wanted to keep the "future paintings" around because their an easy plot device to use as a crutch in a tuff spot of “where to go next�.


I just have a question about something in the episode - maybe someone can help me...
I've just recently watched the entire 1st season, so when they were talking about Isaac's last (and lost) comic, I was confused. Didn't future Hiro give Isaac's last comic to Ando in the first season when they went forward 5 years? They made a point of showing that Isaac had only drawn pictures, and not included the words yet. Is this a plothole? Or was there yet another comic that Isaac wrote depicting Hiro lost in time that I just forgot about?


Aaron: I agree with you very much to a degree. There does need to be a Main Villain... I'm just saying that it didn’t always have to be Arthur or Adam, and death isnt the only defeat for these villains (ie Adam in the coffin) You could have Arthur around for another 2+ seasons without him as the main villain... but yes you would still need a main villain. As for needing to be evil to be a villain... I disagree. I actually read the other day (thou I cant remember where now) a writer said that great tension isn’t a great hero vs a great villain but a great hero clashing against a great hero... two people who believe in "the good" but who disagree on the how and why... just an opinion I agree with. last but not least the graphic novels... I totally agree. You should never ever have to read a single novel or watch a single webisode to get the whole picture. The show should be stand alone and you should never have to delve into the graphic novels to really get a sense of a character or their past. But it is there and I thought I’d just throw out the info for those whose like to take the extra time to read it.


Jason: If you're right and the writers have, indeed, been setting up the childish Hiro all along, I'll eat crow and admit I was too hard on the writers. I haven't been as upset with Hiro's direction as most, but (much like Lost) I think what we're seeing is the writers trying to type their way out of corners: which is why they had to pull a Marvel and reset Sylar and Peter's powers. As for Arthur... in order to be a villain, you have to do evil things. Killing a couple of minor characters isn't enough for that. As stated above, his motivation was always suspect and his ultimate plan seemed flawed and (truthfully) kind of silly. I want to find the formula. Why? To give people powers. Why? To save the world. How? This is the same problem that existed with Adam's plan in Chapter 2... it never really made any sense. And, yes, there does have to be a "main villain". A story like this has to have a protagonist and an antagonist. As for the graphic novels... I've only recently gotten into those and I shouldn't have to go online to understand what's going on. You wouldn't tolerate going to see a movie, then having to go home and read a novella to understand what the Hell you just saw and you shouldn't tolerate it on television. If you can't tell the story properly in 13 episodes, tell it in 15 or 17.


Arthur…. A lot of people don’t understand him, His motivations. Arthur, if you read the graphic novels, was always about the greater good. He was never unwilling to make whatever sacrifice was necessary for the greater good, even if it meant killing his son. Hell in the graphic novels he killed a girl (a child at that) to end the war in Vietnam. Arthur believed that he could make the world a better place (much like Nathan does) by giving people abilities and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this. Arthur is a very complicated character and I do agree that perhaps he could have been written better… personally I think both Adam and Arthur we’re underused. Both of them should have been villains that lasted threw out multiple seasons. They don’t always have to be the “main villain� but Adam was clearly (and widely agreed) underused and wasted. Arthur’s main problem was that he didn’t have enough screen time in this jumbled season. If he had more screen time I think his character could have been much better written for the viewer to clearly get a feel for who Arthur is. http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/nove... that’s the newest graphic Novel and it revolved around Arthur… it might help give a little incite into his character.


Ahh, they sure have listened to my advise...hehehe. Welcome back Sylar. This is what it should be and hopefully stays that way. By the way, do not dare to miss the last episode for Season 3, because this is where Peter, let me just say, lands on the pool of super power/abilities and........... Season 4 here we go!! Muahahahaha! Wait, did I just publicly tell everyone about my power of spoiling? Damn it, now I have to watch for future Peter chasing my behind...sheesh


Pablo As for the Hatians power, he can do both. Yes he can single out and pick and choose who he wants his power to effect. But he can also use it like an AOE or a blanket per say. He can open his power up, for lack of better words, so it effects everyone within a certain area. He doesn’t need to single you out if you’re in his "ground zero". I say this because we've seen him do both... think kind of like Elle's electricity... she could shoot a specific arc targeted at someone but we've also seen her "explode" light a lightning bomb which would hit everyone in her vicinity. This is just how I see it, I could be wrong


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Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

Hiro Nakamura

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