Leighton Meester: Teen Vogue Cover Girl

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Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester will be featured on the February 2009 cover of Teen Vogue magazine. As you would expect, she looks absolutely beautiful ...

Leighton Meester: Teen Vogue Cover

The 22-year-old continues to shine more with each passing episode as Blair Waldorf. In her interview, the Gossip Girl actress opens up about ...

... Her parents’ prison past: “I wouldn’t have volunteered that information, but I’ve never kept it a secret either. It’s just not my past; it’s not my story to tell.”

... Her childhood: “I wasn’t born in jail; I was born in a hospital. I lived with my mother for a few months in a halfway house, and then I went to stay with my grandmother for a few more before my mom got out. But I had a normal life.”

... Her co-star Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass): “He’s my favorite actor to work with. We have really good chemistry.”

... Her debut album she hopes to release this spring: “The music is very fun. It’s edgy, like electropop rather than bubblegum and you can dance to it.”

She rocks. Here are some cool behind-the-scenes photos of Leighton Meester from the Teen Vogue photo shoot in New York City. Click to enlarge!

Looks About Right
Behind the Scenes with Leighton
Forever Our Girl
In the Spotlight
Leighton Meester in Teen Vogue
El Sombrero
City Girl
Makeup Assistance
Scoping Out the Scene
Smile on the Set!
Take 5!
The Star of the Show
Leighton's Photo Shoot

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they're so cuuute! omg. he loves her dearly huh? hahaha


i love leighton so much like the other gg fans do.the best part of her is she got intimacy


I love blair/chuck. I found these cute vids about them, it got me hooked on gg http://www.youtube.com/watch? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


Thanks SweetAngie. . . Lol. You gotta love Wikipedia. . .


I think the English joke around more using foul language than meaning to insult. If you notice the rest of the video with Ed on the balcony, he use the f word and calls everybody names.......all in good fun you can tell! Love Ed and Leighton!


Her eyebrows looks so Dark, thats what looks weird
and i love her more with her Dark brown curly hair but still gorgeous!


WANKER according to wikipedia is: Wanker literally means "one who wanks (masturbates)". It is normally intended as a general insult rather than as an accusation. It conveys contempt, not commentary on sexual habits. Wanker has similar meanings and overtones to American pejoratives like jerk,[1] and jerk-off. One connotation is of someone self-obsessed or a show-off [2] Another implication is that the wanker is unable to find a sexual partner. The term wanker originated from British slang in the 1940s, based on the verb wank.[3] By the 1970s, the general meaning of wanker had shifted from its literal origin (as a masturbator) to that of a generic insult,[4] i.e. "a contemptible person". This shift in usage is comparable with that of dick, arse or jerk. - lol, Thanks Ed


One question. . . What is a wanker? Lol. . .


I know Kristin
they are the show for me
if they weren't in GG, GG would be so BORING !


i just love leighton!
i agree leighton and ed has the best chemistry on the show (on and off cam).
that scene in the balcony is so funny.. just goes to show how great they get along even off cam. i totally believe that they are great friends too.
Chuck and Blair/Ed and Leighton is the star of Gossip Girl for me. without them i wouldnt bother watching it.


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