Report: Kandice Hutchinson Killed While Street Racing

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As previously reported, Kandice Hutchinson - known as Kandi on A Double Shot at Love and eliminated on the show's second episode - was killed on October 21.

A new police report indicates that the fatal car accident was the result of street racing.

According to The Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram, toxicology tests conducted on Kandi after her death showed that she had a blood-alcohol level of 0.24, three times the legal limit in Texas.

Kandice Hutchinson

Police say that the reality show contestant and the driver of a Mazda 6 were on the road at approximately 2:30 a.m. when they chose to race.

The race was reportedly interrupted by an Mustang in the center lane, as witness reports state Hutchinson moved her car into the right lane to pass the Mustang, while the Mazda she was racing passed the Mustang on the left side.

Soon after, both Kandi and the other driver lost control of their vehicles. After passing the Mustang, Hutchinson veered across the center lane, struck the Mazda and careened into the concrete median in the center of the highway.

Hutchinson, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from the car and died at the scene.

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this is a persons passing, their death! So if u have nothing better to say I suggest you don't comment! ..its disrespectful to her grieving family members & would you feel if someone said that about your family members who died?? No so keep your rude unnecessary comments to youself!


I know none of you will come read this, but for new people that actually do read this I think it is sad that so many of these comments didn't care that a girl lost her life. Whether it was her fault or not she is no longer breathing! Her family doesn't get to see her anymore. Yes she made a bad decision, but she is only human. I looked at her fan page on myspace after I read all your posts and it was truly sad. She was aware that she had a drinking problem. In June of that year she posted some blogs about developing anxiety and not being able to control it. Which led to her drinking problem..she was trying to seek out help, but unfortunately she didn't get it before this tragic event. I am not giving her an excuse for the drinking. I myself have anxiety and do not deal with it by using alcohol, but I know several people that do. I do believe it is a terrible way to try and control it, but everyone has different ways. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I only saw a few episodes of the show, but it doesn't matter no one should be talked about this after they die. You guys make me sick.


im scared


I miss her and so does my girlfriend


I am only glad the stupid women killed only herself and not other innocents.


so what if u hated her? she lost her life. your really heartless!


Ha Ha Ha suck shit she was the biggest bitch ever she rekons that she is kool but i hate her


who won the race?


*sigh* At first, I truly felt bad about her death, but now after hearing this... I just don't know about this one. She could of been a sweet, genuine person before the show, but I judging by her actions during and after the show, I can't really recall if this sad or not.
I mean, God bless MTV for trying to make this seem something that it's not, but her choices resulted in own death. It was her choice about whether, or not if she was going to drink and enter a car that day. She chose her own path, and everybody that knew her should except that. Not the viewers of some lame reality show that had nothing to do with her.
So, if anybody presses on how sad this is remember this, "you are who you say you are." Which by the context of this quote, I mean that she proved that she was a lush/alcoholic by her conversations, personality, actions, etc. Sincerely,
Gero III


that is really sad...i didnt know she died until the end of A Double Shot at love....i feel so bad!!