Report: Sharon Osbourne Attacks Megan Hauserman!

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Megan Hauserman and Sharon Osbourne never got along well during VH1's Rock of Love Girls: Charm School.

Now, according celebrity gossip site TMZ, the LAPD has been called in to investigate a cat fight that took place between the show's host and Hauserman, who reportedly ended up in the hospital as a result of the incident.

During a taping of the Rock of Love Girls: Charm School reunion special Saturday night, Hauserman claims says Osbourne grabbed her by hair and continued to yank and scratch away until security separated the pair. Megan filed a report with the LAPD last night.

Hauserman Photo
Sharon Osbourne  Picture

Megan Hauserman was on the losing end of a recent battle with Sharon Osbourne.

The reason for the supposed beat down? Sharon's rocker husband, Ozzy.

According to Hauserman, she responded to a crack Sharon made about her by saying Osbourne is only famous for managing a "brain dead rock star." From there, Sharon went off.

Police admit that Sharon is a suspect in a minor battery case, but calls to VH1 and Sharon's management company were not returned.

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Sharon didn't attack Megan's family she attacked her, now if Megan would have come back with an insult about SHARON I doubt she would have gone off, BUT the stupid little girl went after Sharon's husband. BAD decision, you can call me any damn thing you want but leave my husband and kids out of it or your ass is grass. A lot of women feel that way and Megan knew the shit she was starting when she went after Sharon's family. BAD CHOICE stupid little blond girl.


Hey BB megan was as wasted


It's about time someone put that big mouth drunk in her place. She's nothing but a girl that has some major drinking problems. Can't someone tell her it's trashy to be on national tv drunk. Rockstar girlfriend...yeah right!!


Megan was so drunk on the show that she shouldn't have been permitted on stage. What a lush she has absolutely no class. The girl has no real career. She's just a reality tv drunk. Now it's time for rehab.


Megan Rocks! I luv her... She makes the sh0w way m0re intresting! HATERZ KEEP HATING! JUST CUZ SHE 0N TV AND U AINT!


I loved watching Sharon kick that little girl's butt! I have been known to do the same thing when someone attacks my husbands character. Megan in my opion has been pushing everyones buttons so that she can have a lawsuit and get some money because the girl has no brain to earn it. Other thing people who say sharon has not done anything but ride her husbands career read a little about her before you go judging her she has done a lot in her life!


BB...what the FOCK are you saying!? I can't make any sense out of your comment!!!


I think megan did the right thing toring sharon off calling her husband this and that there is not big deal at. sharon take stuff in wrong way for no reason beating the contestant on the rock of love reunion is megan. I so shock sharon did to her is so stupid and disrespectful to her it make no difference that sharon is the one got all things in trouble with LAPD will filed charges against sharon she deserve it oh yeah. is sharon fault and the people in people claping at sharon what she did to megan. y'all could laugh your freaks off that's not funny at all to me. I felt bad for megan because I think she is a good people don't matter what they say to her. No human being should not beat on someone is good and right way. megan is a good woman. BB


First of all, I wanted to say that the reunion show...was a hot trash mess!!! No disrespect to Sharon...but, you have to remember a bad action will bring a bad reaction! Sharon forgot, she is not as young as them young ladies she has encountered and that they too have the right to rebuttal with a negative comment!!! If Sharon had some class...she would have never gone, she got her feelings hurt and she went on the attack! I would have had much more respect for Sharon if her comments were tasteful no matter what she thought of the person!!! I have to admit though...
Megan's comeback was...right on time! Oh, but I can't stand the lazy...ho'


megan is a mental case just like her dog. whoever thinks she is so cool well then you need help also. she needed her ass kicked and personaly, i enjoyed watching sharon do it. ha ha megan.