Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo in the Upper East Side

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Gossip Girl's youngest cast members, Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) and Connor Paolo (Eric van der Woodsen) filmed a scene for the hit show in New York's Upper East Side last week. Wonder what they're talking about ...

Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo

GOSSIP GUY AND GIRL: Connor Paolo and Taylor Momsen shot some scenes for Gossip Girl in Manhattan's Upper East Side last week. [Photo Credit: Splash News Online]

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She didn't get rid of them, the wind is just blowing and she parts them now. I happen to love them on her, and have them myself. :) I was rooting for Little J and Eric to be together before the whole Nate Jenny Vanessa Triangle (not that I like either of those pairings). It sucks that he's gay, he's absolutely adorable. J was such a biotch to him before. :(


looks like jenny got rid of her emo-goth-bangs phase!


I HATE that coat !!


I am so glad we are going to have more of Eric in future episodes. He is a great member of the cast. Full of wit.


Gossip Girl Quotes

Blair: I've never been Bette Davis before. I'm Audrey Hepburn! Not some plain baby Jane.
Chuck: We both know this is about NYU. Now it may take time, but one day you will hold that school in the palm [kiss] of your dainty hand.
Blair: I'm Audrey. I'm Audrey!

And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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