90210 Scoop: Plans for Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling

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Last night, a party was thrown in honor of 90210 at Kokomo Cafe, the location of the new Peach Pit.

We're very hurt we were not invited, but at least Zap2It's Korbi was on the scene - and she spoke to Jason Priestley!

According to the actor, he'll be directing this season's 18th episode, and it will focus on problems with Silver (Jessica Stroup). Looks like she'll be going through a major freak out, likely related to an issue with Dixon.

We even hear Silver will end up under doctors' care at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Insiders say this episode will mark Tori Spelling's return to the 90210, as Donna will try to help Silver; remember, she is Silver's sister-in-law. (Which means Donna and David are still together!)

Are you excited for these developments?

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i hope they bring david back or maybe dilion!


Word has it that the next episode of 90210 is supposed to have an actual title sequence. This is because Tabitha will no longer be on the show as a main character, and Adrianna will become a starring role in this episode (so obviously they need to change the opening). Yay, maybe they will play the whole song!


YES! I am so happy Donna is going to be on the show and that she and David are still together. Jason, please consider doing an episode of the new 90210 - we would love to see you!


Hooray for Donna's return!! I must have missed the dialogue in which Brenda and Kelly mentioned Donna being a mother, but that's awesome that's she's still with David. (Hopefully!) Kudos for Jason Priestley to come and direct an episode, wish he'll eventually want to appear in at least 1 episode!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.