Chuck Spoilers: Sarah and Chuck's Dynamic

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We've already heard from Chuck's creator, Josh Schwartz, that the last half of this season is going to have some game changing episodes.  Now, Schwartz has hinted to Kristin Dos Santos a little more about what that means.

According to Schwartz, Chuck still doesn't know that Sarah was trying to save Chuck's life when she killed a man in front of him.  Hey says "that's a dynamic that obviously is going to be complicated."

Sarah Silences Chuck

He then adds that "there's a very sexy MI6 agent who comes in to help on a mission for a couple of episodes, played by Jonathan Cake. He's a real sort of badass Gerard Butler - type who definitely catches Sarah's eye. There are a couple things that are going to happen towards the end of this season that are sort of a point of no return for Sarah and Chuck."

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Chuck Quotes

(Chuck sees Jill and ducks under the table)
Associate: Is there a problem?
Chuck: Can you tell me if the attractive brown-eyed, slightly egg-headed brunette with an extremely cold heart is still there?
Associate: She's here. Why? Who is she?
Chuck: Jill Roberts, my ex-girlfriend. She broke my heart. I need, I need a diversion. Would it be a terrible imposition for you to pull the fire alarm?

Casey: You didn't wet yourself this time. That's an improvement.
Morgan: I didn't drink any water today.

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