Diablo Cody to Appear on 90210

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According to 90210 producer Rebecca Rand Kirschner, Tori Spelling isn't simply showing up on 90210 this spring; she's bringing a famous sidekick with her!

“Diablo Cody is going to be on the show,” Kirschner told iF Magazine. “She is definitely going to be on the Donna episode which is the nineteenth episode. Donna Martin is still in the fashion business, and it may be that she may be called upon by Diablo Cody to create something for some event. That may be the beginning of their friendship.”

Cody is a screenwriter that won an Oscar for penning Juno last year.

As for how many episodes Spelling will be on, Kirschner is hopeful.

“Hopefully Donna will be around for awhile. She is Kelly’s sister-in-law. She’s a relative and a long time friend. That’s the connection. And we’ll get it in there.”

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Who gives a rat's ass that Tori Spelling is coming Back.She was such a Bore


Well I hope if Donna comes back they bring David back to yummy...come back Brian lol... :)

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