Ed Westwick: Dressed to Impress

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Like his co-star Blake Lively, Ed Westwick braved the cold shooting outdoor scenes for Gossip Girl this week. Not to worry, though. Ed looked every bit the part of his preppy, fashionable character Chuck Bass, as he filmed the show Thursday ...

A Handsome Devil

The British actor's character has become a fan favorite and will be the center of attention again Monday in an all-new episode of Gossip Girl, "Gone with the Will."

Click to enlarge many more pictures of Ed Westwick on the set ...

Ed in Effect
Ed on Set
Reaching Out
E-Dubs Photo
So Hot it Hurts
Tighten That Tie
Preparing For Action
An Ed Westwick Photo
Ed on the Gossip Girl Set
Off to the Office?
As the Bass
Up Close
An Ed Westwick Image
Ed Westwick is the Man
Suit Up!
Check the Hair

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Who makes those caramel brown wing tip shoes???? pleas email me at classicplayboy11@yahoo.com


I love his face


i dont like the gap in his teeth. and they dress the character way too metrosexual for my taste. ill pass on him.
nate is more my type. i mean, he's no infantry soldier, but he's closer to a man's man than chuck..
luved when nate punched carter baizen out last season. as blair noted, it was soo hot and way romantic.


i think he's hotter then season 1 because he more mature now. I know i mybe minority but i like his stye, his hair, his act, everything than other GG male cast.


Seriously I think Ed makes the show so interesting.
Like Nate sure he's pretty good looking guy but
thats it... he cant really act different emotions
he just knows how to be one person. Chuck has so much
versatility, you can never be bored with him on the show.
:) Sorry to the Nate Lovers


Ed and Chase are gonna be on The View on Tuesday!!!! :) :)


really inLOVE with him
but his hair
i mean why???
y bet he knows he looks hotter w/ his old hair
so YYY???


I think chuck is relie hot OMG I don't like his hair in this 1, I kiked his hair before. I want chuck to get with serena. But im getting confussed when does series 2 come out I relie want to watch it right now.


im so sick of this guy he is really ugly and weird and his caracter is worst bad and stupid!!!!
NATE THE BEST i least he is sooo hot


His s1 style suited his s1 personality just as his s2 style suits his s2 personality. I love his current style!! It's so classy and business-like! Wish the boys in my class would dress like that ;)


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