Extended Promo of "Carrnal Knowledge"

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After yesterday's controversial and much-discussed promo for Monday's episode, "Carrnal Knowledge," here's a slightly different and longer version that may shed more light (or at least spark more debate) on what Chuck Bass is up to ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/carrnal-knowledge-extended-promo/" title="Carrnal Knowledge: Extended Promo"] [/video]

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hi can anyone tell me what tattoo chuck has on his wrist after the mysterious night wit the nanny.
would like to get one


wait... after episode 17's they will take a break again??? for 3 weeks?????


I wasn't into the books the first time I saw them, but a friend talked me into watching the series. And I love her for doing so. But since there's not much to do til later.. I read up on the books. And Chuck is a homosexual there. What? Oh, thank goodness the producers were no book purists.


O-M to the freaking G!! I'm a huge, HUGE Chair fan. And I cannot wait for them to get together. Even for just one episode. One episode where they aren't torn apart by an accident or a stupid mistake!!! Ugh, but then I have to consider the fact that it can't happen. I dunno. They just can't happen. Not right now. Maybe at the end of the season. And THEN we'll have to wait for months for a new season again. Oh, the pain! (i love you has 8 letters, so does bullshit...)


i cannot wait for the new episode! but i hate how chuck says "she was the most beautiful woman i had ever seen" because THAT IS BLAIR! i want them to be together now! CHAIR FOREVER!!!!!!


are the writers seriously trying to loose fans? i think this episode looks good but seriously ruinung chair and darena is jus plain stupid they better have sonmething good for chair soon or i will seriously stop watching


The girl's voice is Kate French, who's guest starring in a couple episodes and causing trouble between Chuck and Blair.


OMFG i cannot waittttt to see monday's new episode
I see Chuck and Nate are going to be getting into trouble with some girlssss. Cuz the guy kissing by the elevator is 10000000% NATE!!!!!!! there he goes again...cheating on his girl. First it was with Blair, now it's with Vanessa.
I must say; Blair has lost her sense of touch recently. She always knows how to keep her evil ways underwraps.
And OMFG...I'm really disappointed in Dan...Serena is much more Gorgeous than Ms. Carr!!!! I really hope this is the last episode with Ms Carr...she's annoying me. (i think it's best that MS IOWA, returns to her home state).


Curitiba, Paraná!
What about you?


Lol that totally sounds like Nelly Yuki!! ha! Can't wait to see this!
Oh and i wish people would stop doing such outrageous speculating! Seriously, these promos are always completely mis-leading!

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