This comment is about Joe Mc Coy.I always wondered why did he move his family to godforsaken Dillon Texas from big city Dallas? He IMPLIED and he ACTS like all he cares about is that his son eventually makes it to the NFL. Wrong. Joe Mc Coy is a sociopath and is driven by desires far greater and deeper than the simple pleasure of watching his kid be a hotshot high school QB. NFL money is meaningless to Joe as he has plenty of it already and from what I can figure out, is after far greater numbers than his son could MAYBE earn several years down the road as a rookie QB in the League. This is the territory of a Buddy Garrity- a rather simple small town guy who is happy when he is selling trucks, getting lap dances and of course when the Panthers are winning. Joe SAID it was so that his kid could be coached by"the great" Eric Taylor. Again- If THAT was all he wanted he could have stayed in Dallas where there are a hundred Eric Taylor's or even moved to Southern California where JD's personal trainer has his roots. No, believe it or not, Joe McCoy could care less about football. Joe McCoy is a master manipulator and I believe he has a far more sinister, deeper reason for A) coming to Dillon, Texas B) Ingratiating himself with the Taylor's. One more thing- I believe that Joe purposely manipulated his son by his extreme micromanagement and humiliation into exploding and giving him an excuse to physically assault him- not behind closed doors of the Mc Coy Mansion- not in the car driving home at night where no one is the wiser- but in front of God and Tami Taylor in the Applebees parking lot of all places. He KNEW he was being watched. HE PLANNED IT.He EXPECTED that Tami , being the straight arrow she is , would call the cops-He also knew that JD being a kid would react predictably when his father was rousted by the cops and CPS Authorities and yes,eventually blow the State Game. So now as the main and most powerful booster, Joe has it in his power to remove Eric from his job for losing the game and of course , benching his son. But why? I think it has less to do with Eric than the TOWN of Dillon ITSELF. There is something in the town, something of immense value to Joe that he wants and needs desperately. Something that if he has, will feed on his desire for this power. There is also the issue of redistricting the school. This is where things get, in my mind a little muddy- What is it? A natural resource like oil, natural gas or similar that he could pick up for pennies on the dollar, perhaps where the school is built on? Like I Said,There was a SPECIFIC reason why a Multi Millionare would move to a two bit town like Dillon and mark my words, it has NOTHING to do with Football. One side note, Joe Mc Coy is also the type of guy who likes his "revenge served very cold". The type of guy guy who would wait for YEARS to get back at someone who slighted them . Eric and Joe are about the same age-could it be that Eric did something that caused him harm, either financial or emotional to Joe, even unknowingly- years before that has triggered some weirdness now? At any rate , the writers need a weird plot twist to extend this terrific series one more year. It would be too simplistic to simply graduate the likes of Riggins, Tyra, Matt and Lyla and start the new season with fresh faces. No, the new season will begin and end with the Joe MCCoy mystery. Mark my words!

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Coach: You may never know how proud I am of you.
Vince: You changed my life Coach.

I could tell you this kid right here's got more heart than almost any person you know.

Buddy Garrity

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