Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: "You've Got Yale"

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Last Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "You've Got Yale," featured classic one-lingers, heartwarming moments, new conflicts - and trend-setting Gossip Girl fashion.

Below, our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., belatedly breaks down the episode, telling us where we can get some of its amazing attire ...


From beginning to end, "You’ve got Yale" was not only a gripping and dramatic episode of Gossip Girl - but absolutely stylish, if not iconic!

Blair Waldorf and her evil minions were nothing short of stunning - and this is right in the beginning of the episode! Blair looked determined in her Milly Fitted Check Coat ($294, here), YSL Preppy Pumps (slingback version $576, here).

Nelly Yuki wore a Missoni coat and carried a Tory Burch Bombe Burch Bag ($495, here). Hazel channelled Blair with a Tarina Tarantino Leather Ruffled Doctor Bag in Pink ($815, here) and a Tattersall Peacoat from Coach ($895, here).

Penelope wore and amazing Walter coat (not available online), David and Young scarf (here) and a Rebecca Taylor  Silk and Cashmere Leopard-Print Cardigan ($117, here).

Blair and Rachel
At Her Locker
The New Teacher in Town

Serena van der Woodsen, although not one of Blair’s minions, still followed the chequered trend in a Smythe Equestrian Jacket in Blue Plaid ($630, here) and a pair of Te Casan by Fay Baldock Women's Fenny Boots ($289, here).

An appearance of a new character in Gossip Girl is always a widely-talked about event. In this episode it was Rachel Carr. And she made her fashion position very clear in a Gabriela de la Vega Josephine Pendant Necklace ($980, here).

The fresh-faced new teacher at Constance also wore a plaid button mini skirt from Banana Republic, (here) and a J. Crew jacket (here).

Serena later appeared in a Lauren Moffatt Wool Melton Coat ($541, here) which was simply to die for.

Near the end of the episode, Blair made an appearance in numerous designer outfits: Brook’s Brother’s blazer (here), and again, the Valentino bag - in school; a dress from Christian Dior Resort 2009 Collection, which she wore to the opera and a D&G F/W coat in the very end of the episode.

Blair and the Girls of the Steps

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Where can I find those white eyeglasses that Lily Bass wears in "You've Got Yale"? Does anyone know the designer?


Please do comment on guys (CHUCK!) clothing!!


What about the gown Serena wore to the Opera...Who made that?


and vanessa's earrings at the opera were hot! I found them at http://www.joyodesigns.com/sol...


I second the question about Serena's dress! Oh, and no one dying for Lily's BCBGMAXAZRIA dress?? I think it was pretty awesome too, in case you're interested, it's here --> http://www.saksfifthavenue.com...


i loveeeed Nelly Yuki's pink coat. I must have it!


ok. so noone said anything about when blair was dressed head to toe in plaid. I hated the outfit, but am obsessed with the shirt. can someone PLEASE let me know who makes it????? its a ploud tie blouse


Who's the designe of Serena's yellow dress, I am also obsessed..it's gorgeous


best gg fashion ever! And great episode as well, one of the best.
But what about that goregous wool coat Serena was wearing! I want it!


if you are ever looking for gossip girl clothes go here. http://www.thisnext.com/tag/go... it has like everything

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