Heroes Caption Contest LVII

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As always, thanks so much to everyone that participated in this week's Heroes Caption Contest.

Forgive our bias, but we had to award "Remanant" as the winner for making a reference to the 44th President of the United States.

Check out the entry directly underneath the photo; then scroll down to read the rest.

Thanks again for playing and please do so every week!

So, you think Obama's stimulus plan is going to work?

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Angela: (Thinking to herself) Don't look down, Don't look down, Don't look down, Don't look down, Don't look down...


Peter: Mom thats gross you know i can read your mind right? I never thought I would see you horny. Angela: You were using you abilities!? I don't know if i can ever look you in the eye again.


Peter, you need to absorb a power with stretching. That is if you want your ego to get any bigger, or maybe something else?


Angela: OMG Peter. The Hulk is right behind you. Peter: Mom, I am the hulk. I am just not green.


Angela (in thought to Peter): "Don't you think we should get away from the camera first?"


Christine: Cut! I think we've got a boom mike in the lower part of the shot. Milo: That's no boom mike, mom...


Milo- "see Christine Tims idea was for Dania to be naked to get the male viewers to watch, and for me to get naked to get the femal viewers"


Angela: See why your name was Petunia until you were five. We thought you were a daughter.


Hey Ma, you want an authentic pearl necklace?


So how did you know the Steelers were going to win the Super Bowl?


Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

Hiro Nakamura

Heroes Music

  Song Artist
Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys