The Future of Two 90210 Couples

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One significant couple on 90210 is headed for a fall, while another may have a bright future after all.

Follow this article's jump to review a few significant spoilers from future episodes...

According to Korbi Ghosh from Zap2It, fans can look forward to the following developments over the next few weeks...

  • The relationship between Annie and Ethan will end before the season is over.
  • Silver and Dixon aren't broken up for good.
  • Upon her return, Donna Martin will be designing a dress for guest star Diablo Cody.
  • In a nod to her Oscar-winning movie, Juno, Cody may be using a hamburger-shaped cell phone on the show.
More Smooching

The future may not be so bright for Annie and Ethan.

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Seriously people, Dylan and Brenda were just "puppy love." You aren't truly capable of loving somebody in a romantic way when you are in 9th and 10th grade--C'mon---BE REAL!!!!Kelly and Dylan belong together, they loved each other through the latter part of high school, thru college, and everywhere else in between( hey, they even concieved a child together!) They are SOULMATES!K/D Reunion ALLLLLL THE WAAAAAAYYYY!


It sucks, I love LOVE LOVE Annie and Ethan together, but there's NO chance for reconciliation. Ethan's character isn't coming back the next season.. so.. Yeah..


I wonder if there will be any interaction between adrianna and diablo cody, since they've dealt or are dealing with the same subject. Except Diablo wrote about and Adrianna's lving it!


I LOVED Brandon and Kelly together!


Actually it's Silver & Dixon remind me of David and Donna..they have different elements of my fav 3 couples Dylan/Brenda, David/Donna and Kelly/Brandon...they have elements of all these 3 I like that about them you can't compare them to one, they have power couple potential, I think they're the next couple in that order of 90210 great couples.


naomi ask ethan if he loves her? right? he never said it back deep down i think ethan really loves naomi he know she cares so much for him and she was always there for him. i think ethan loves naomi like davis always loved donna it just ethan wants to date other people but in the end he will be back with his ture love and that naomi.
come people we need are ethan and naomi togather


Iam sorry but ethan and annie was too boring i mean we never got a naomi and ethan real love. Ethan belongs with naomi i mean they got togather all the time and besides naomi was in love with only one guy ethan. I mean ethan never really had a chance with naomi all he did was cheated on her and he suppose to have these deep feeling for annie please give me a break.
Ethan and naomi reminds of donna and david i think in the end it should be ethan with his ture love and that naomi. annie she too boring.


well thats sad, E and A were adorable together, why would they wanna break annie and ethan up already?? i agree with nicole, they should've made it stronger before breaking them up! couples do come and go very fast here, heard naomi's supposed to get a new guy next episode, wth?


YES !!
Dixon & silver may get back together !!
i was so sad when they broke up i almost cried
but now i can't wait till next week !=D


Kelly and Dylan are solemates, Dylan and Brenda were just each other's first loves. And I never like Annie with Ethan, I find Annie to be a very annoying character. TEAM NAOMI all the way!!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.