90210 Caption Contest, Vol. IV

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Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry to this week's 90210 Caption Contest.

We received a number of responses, but awarded the winning caption to user "Sarah S."

Check it out below the picture now and scroll down to see toe other submission. Thanks again for playing!

Adrianna: Navid im up here, stop looking down my shirt!

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Ha, ha brooklyn that is great!!!


ADRiANNA: i have good news & bad news.
NAViD: ok spill.
ADRiANNA: bad news is that im pregnant. good news is that i just saved a bunch of money by switching to geico !


SAMMY*, lola, & harry's are by far the best !


Adrianna: ok Navid, i have something to tell you that might get you upset...
Navid: there's nothing you could possibly do to upset me, go ahead tell me.
Adrianna: well it was me who defeated you last night on world of warcrafts. i learned how to play in rehab.
Navid: i could handle a lot of things like you being pregnant by the best looking dude in school, me being a virgin while dating the easiest girl in West Beverly, & me having this surfer hair gone wrong. But i cannot get over you beating me at my own game. I need a walk.


Adrianna- Navid,I'm pregnant!I am having a baby.
Navid- What the hell? I don't remember slipping it to you!


Sophias is so bad... gross.




A - I'm pregant (navid looks down her shirt) N - Does that mean the twins will get better that's awesome can i get a peek i've never seen real breasts expect on the net
A - Fine you damn virgin


Adrianna: *coughs* Eyes up here Navid: Oh my bad


Navid: (thinking) wow i think tonights the night, look at the ways she's glowing !
Adrianna: Navid i know we haven't been together that long but i think its time--
Navid: stop right there i know what your gonna say & i completely support it !
Adrianna: really ? so you're gonna support my baby?
Navid: BABY?!
Adrianna: aww you're excited that's so cute, i knew you were special.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.