90210 Casting Call: Naomi's Sister

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Paging all hot 20-year old actress! Do you wanna guest star on 90210?

The series has released a casting call, as it seeks someone to come aboard in the role of Jen Clark. Yes, that would be Naomi's older sister.

Here's how the casting call reads:

Female, 20, Caucasian, hot. A cool, slick, supremely self-confident bad girl who is Naomi's (AnnaLynne McCord) older sister. Jen isn't at all needy or vulnerable-she's totally self-contained and lives by her own rules. Jen's main priority is looking out for number one. She knows how to work the system to her advantage, and she makes no apology for feeling that she's better than most people.

Naomi Pic

Are you ready to meet Naomi's sister?

Jen was always "the smart one" in the family-she went to Yale and has recently been living in Paris. Her time abroad has made her more cosmopolitan than Naomi, who worships her older sister. Jen's credo is survival of the fittest-she's ruthless, narcissistic and completely amoral. She gets away with all this because she's also beautiful and charming and can wrap men around her little finger.

Jen has dated every rich, handsome man on two continents and has had adventures that are the stuff of great memoirs-but since Jen is also a pathological liar, maybe none of her stories are true. Jen's role in Beverly Hills will be to stir things up and cause trouble for Naomi and others

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And hello Sara Foster! :D


Hi, if this is still open I'd like to know where the auditions are being held. Thanks!


Please let me know when and where you are holding auditions.
I am very interested.
Thank you,


hey rol i thought about it after i posted the commment and i was thinking the same thing.Elizabeth still looks good but yea much older than i thought.


hey renee, elizabeth is a bit too old for that role isnt she? i mean shes like 36 thats old to play 20


i think that they could cast Elizabeth Berkly(aka Jessie)from Saved By The Bell as her sister that would be cool...


When and where is it?


OMG.... can't wait

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.