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On March 31, 90210 FINALLY returns with a new episode.

We've uncovered a few plot details for that installment, titled "The Bad & the Trusted," along with a few other upcoming episodes:

March 31 Rhonda kisses Ethan; Naomi spends a crazy night with Liam.

April 7 Jason Priestley directs. Jennie Garth and Ann Gillespie guest star, as Silver faces emotional trouble.

New 90210 Poster

April 14 Tori Spelling returns as Donna Martin! Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody guest stars as herself.

April 21 Rob Estes directs. Will Donna move back to Beverly Hills?

April 28 Sara Foster guest stars as Naomi's sister.

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i really love watching 90210


i really luv watching 90210


About Silver & Dixon, They have always been my Number 1 couple. AS for this bipolar thing, even though Dixon will
probobly need some air. When Silver breaks compleatly down.
I'm sure He will be back at Her side. The feelings that
they have had for each otheir just don't die that quickly.


love silver!!!
dunno bowt the pic being fake but i like the effect and im totally finding silver's behavior very bipolar....


It made me kinda teary eyed when I saw Navid & Adrianna kiss at the end of the Valentines episode. They are my favorite couple as well. Silver has gone crazy!! She's obsessed with this whole "love" thing. I like this 90210 better than the old one. :) Liam's body is hot! Ozzy's face is hotter! I wish they'd do love triangle episode featuring --> Ozzy-Niomi-Liam.


i miss naomi and ozzy too!
they never really had closure!


I miss Naomi/Ozzy. They were my ultimate favorite. But I


agreed heyhey...the poster looks fake, pretty poor effort by the show, could've been better.
looking forward to more navid and adrianna! they're all i watch this show for...


IDK why but that poster of silver looks so totally fake. Like they photoshopped it way too much...


I love silver my favourite too!! I love her with dixon but she became totally crazy now!!!I can't wait what's happen between her and dixon there so cute my favourite couple but I love too adrianna and navid !!
silver and dixon and navid and adrianna forever you're agree? we need to see more of them (the two couples)

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.