90210 Spoilers: Ethan, Annie... and Religion

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On a future episode of 90210... well, we're not entirely sure what happens.

TV Guide Senior Editor Mickey O'Connor replied to a reader question this week, telling fans that the "tempestuous Annie-Ethan potboiler will be taken off the fire in the near future" and adding:

The ladies band together to help a friend in crisis. The solution: A little religion never hurt anyone, right? Unless you're West Bev's crown princess of darkness, then it might sting a little.

Anyone care to translate that for us?

Ethan and Annie Photo

Ethan (Dustin Milligan) and Annie (Shenae Grimes) have been through a lot during the first season of 90210.

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well we all know annie and ethan are going to break up....
in the promo for march 31st annie gets drunk wit mysterious
max... i wonder if shell start dating him...


What is max's real name?? been dying to figure it out!!!


Wasnt Max the guy from Rhonda's story who she liked... Maybe Annie will start seeing someone from her acting class. She could use a good story line.. I like Ade on the show, she brings alot to the table and is a good actress.


who is Max ?


or maybe Rhonda was one of those "mean girls".. or something..
and Annie was with this Max dude..


If you go to IMDB.com you can get a lot of info from peoples post hers. As far as I can tell Silver is not gone for good, but things might be getting rocky for Annie and Ethan. It looks like Annie confronts Rhonda, I'll bet money she made up that story and Annie found out. Then theres a bunch of stuff about some dude from her actting class or school or something. But I think that there are going to be major issues for everyone coming up.


so is she off the show when she goes to school then? or is it like Adriana's thing when she went to rehab? any scoop on whats up with ethan and anne? if they brake up and silver gets sent away, anne will have no friends again.. we all know Naomi hates her..


translation - Silver has a breakdown and goes nuts because she's bi-polar, they send her to Catholic school (Crown Princess of Darkness = Silver) and all the girlies help her out

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We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]