Blake Lively Looks Lovely at Ralph Lauren Fashion Show

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Decked out in a Ralph Lauren dress and jacket, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively looked ready for the runway at the designer's New York Fashion Week show Friday...

Lovely in Lauren

The 21-year-old stunner wore a Black Label grey cashmere sweaterdress with a Blue Label leather jacket and carried the brown Monaco clutch from Collection.

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Simply Stunning
Sexy Sweater-Dress
Fashion Follower
Coming Through in the Clutch
Ralph Lauren Hottie
Fellow Fashion Weekers
Striking a Pose
A Friendly Wave

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It doesn't seem flattering for her body. She looks sort of fat.


OMG! i love that jacket(L)!
that sort of jacket have i buyed yesterday, that color is really beautyful:)


Firstly, whats wrong with being "curvy" ?? i reckon thats beautiful. Beyonce's curvy and shes a household name. Gosh, no wonder so many girls turn anorexic nowadays with all these negative outlook on weight... Blake looked beautiful, but her outfit just turned me off. And we have a right to be asking these questions about Leighton coz she should be posted on here too, so shut your traps already.


Seriously, is that what you guys have been nagging about in this Blake post!? I don't like what Blake is wearing here, but Leighton didn't look nice either in my opinion. The hair didn't fit her and the clothes were just okay. Anyway, can you stop comparing these to girls in a post that has nothing to do with Leighton...


Serena is definitely the main character guys... like it or not she gets the most attention and she desereves it to... and shes gorgeous! shes the prettiest of all in the show.. [most people think that]


in response to lora's comment about Serena supposing to be the main character but getting overshadowed by Blair: Blair is the main character of the books on which this show is based on


why is it always blake or leighton/blair or serena why can't it be blake and leighton/blair and serena. also how do you know if blake has no personality i bet you don't even know her


OMG, how childish are you guys! I'm so sick of people commenting about Leighton and how amazing she is all the time. I get that you want more posts about her, but that's doesn't mean you have to write 3000 words about her here. I like both girls. Maybe the reason I've only seen Blake at the Fashion week and not Leighton on several sites is because Blake is more known. Because she is, no matter how much you like Leighton. As for Blake, she's not fat at all. But she's curvy, and that's a good thing. Her body is the perfect size. She has a stunning body! To loveleightonlively, you should really stop try understanding why she looks tired. She said herself that they worked 17 hours. Blake was at the Fashin show right after working, and she was going back after it. Lora, the story line is very important, not just the acting. And to the one saying that people should lear how to write - I guess you hadn't had so much fun if it was people only from the US or UK here. Not everyone here has excellent english, but you get what they mean very well!


Blake is a pretty girl but she isn't stylish and it shows here.


She looks dull in these pics. Not lovely at all, especially in that boring dress (I don't think gray is her color).
Well, at least the jacket is cool^^

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