Blake Lively Looks Lovely at Ralph Lauren Fashion Show

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Decked out in a Ralph Lauren dress and jacket, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively looked ready for the runway at the designer's New York Fashion Week show Friday...

Lovely in Lauren

The 21-year-old stunner wore a Black Label grey cashmere sweaterdress with a Blue Label leather jacket and carried the brown Monaco clutch from Collection.

Click to enlarge more Blake Lively pictures from Fashion Week ...

Simply Stunning
Sexy Sweater-Dress
Fashion Follower
Coming Through in the Clutch
Ralph Lauren Hottie
Fellow Fashion Weekers
Striking a Pose
A Friendly Wave

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To me she just really sad and tired like she was up all night


holy shit, these comments entertain me. blake looks "off" in these pics, and especially in this pic she looks really well, i dont know how to explain it. i guess just bad


r u ppl crazy? blake is likeso skinny! shes not EXTREMEELY skinny. i mean really guys what do u want her to do? beanerexic like 90percent of hollywood?




it was just an opinion. no need to be mean or something. i just don't think is ok to cover fashion week so poorly and excluding jessica and leighton. they were there too!!
anyway lara you are soooooo right!


i guess people are sort of blind. blake looks fine. she was never the skinny type so yeah curvy isn't really such a bad word. a lot of gorgeous women are curvy and this is doing wonders for them. she looks beautiful.the hair. the smile. her best points. now the clothes-this is another story. her style all the way. it is simply ok. no statement or fashion icon no matter how hard vogue tries to pimp her. the leighton meester problem is indeed a good point. she is worthy of fashion icon and daring choices and spectacular look and spanking new bangs and an incredible appearence. amaizing clothes. whatever. those who are interested already know about this.
awkward decision not to post pictures of her.
far more interesting subject than blake at rl. my opinion:)


Maybe people cant stop talking about
Ed and Leighton because they have personality and they are interesting. It might sound like an opinion but its really sad and it says something when the main character is supposed to be Serena and she got over shawdowed by blair and even worst someone who was just supposed to be a re-occuring character (Ed/ chuck bass.) So im sorry but that just says something.


wow maya.. once again another leighton fan who cant stop talking about her.. wow again. and i agree with katiiz. people are so annoying how all they care about and talk about is blair/leighton and chuck/ed. like really get over yourselves, and why are people still writing about leighton when this has nothing to do with her. who cares if her picture isn't shown. get over it!


Blake isnt big at all ?? lol She is skinny however homegirl is 5'10 shes big and im sorry this is not her best picture. She looks like a tranny and btw i saw Leightons pics and i agree there should be pics of her on here. I think she looked amazing and im not going to lie im no fan of Serena or Blakes to me she has no personality.


my dear kattizwhatever number you are pretty nervous without a reason. you know what? blake isn't at her best in that outfit. period. she is usually gorgeous. not fat, not curvy and by no means ugly. maybe people are saying those things just because of the way she looks in these pictures. quite tired and not in a very interesting outfit. now about the leighton problem. people are right at least about one thing. why this brilliant site hasn't posted anything about her at fashion week is a big mystery. and they have the right to wonder. if this is supposed to be about gossip girls at ny fashion week why not show the others? jessica szhor was at anna sui with taylor momsen. the same event but only pictures with taylor are posted. leighton was much more of a high profile figure but they ignored her completly. she was front row and special guest. are you aware what does that even mean??? yes this is a post about blake but the people in charge of this site are unprofessional (some xtian bale rage in here:P) and aren't able to put some relevant pictures that concern all the members of the cast. this whole affair becomes more absurd because a number of days have past and they didn't posted pictures with leighton too! it is really annoying because she really made an appearance and if you have the smallest interest in gossip girl's cast you would know this. on the other hand if you only chase blake lively you would be totally ignorant. i am no leighton meester fanatic or something. i do like both of the girls, though blair is my favourite character on the show. but i am aware of fashion and how things work in that department and i'm telling you that leighton should be the one on the spot. there are so many things to discuss about her new look. and i mean those fugster bangs! i think she looks cute but i cannot imagine blair with them. anyway...blake is really gorgeous so i have nothing to comment about her. but there is a small problem with professionalism in here! you should have put leighton's pictures as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus...her new look is news in itself:D

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