Coming Soon to Heroes: An Underwater Kiss!

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As Heroes viewers witnessed last week, Claire has a friend: a comic book store employee named Alex (Justin Baldoni).

Alex was wanted by HRG because of his ability to breathe underwater. Fortunately, he escaped with Claire - and will soon use this power to exciting use!

According to E! Online, Alex and Claire will share a steamy underwater kiss in the March 2 episode, "Exposed." Check it out below.

"I can breathe underwater," Baldoni said. "It's every guy's fantasy to have a superpower, and I'm so happy I got this part."

Underwater Kiss

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Underwater kiss... holy obvious thing to do. Just don't do it... Gawd. I'm hanging onto Heroes because I don't want the show to go away. I liked the first season and it's much better again in 2009. e.g. Peter is wiser/smarter now (which doesn't have to mean overly talkative) and paying attention to his hard-learned life lessons. He's still got his heart but he's also staying alive so that he can help his friends (latest episode. season 3 ep 17). I really like that.
Writers... please stop thinking you're so clever that you can use the first cliche thing that comes to mind and people are going to love it. You could even have them almost kiss underwater but not do it. Then just have them kiss as they're running away from the SWAT. Something awkward and rushed but it's still romantic. I know my idea sucks too - I could never write as well as any amateur or professional but please don't do this forced and dreamy and terribly contrived piece like an underwater kiss... music swells... at least not for their first kiss. Please, I beg of you.


yeah they kinda did, but i dont care, i still love this volume and alex, and.. HEROES!!!!! seriously i'm about to write a post about this!
www.thevaultofheroes.blogspot.... if you want to read it, GO HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please Heroes producers KEEP ALEX WOOLSEY IN THE SHOW! Seriously, the show is meant to be about ordinary people with incredible powers, it's not all about Claire, HRG, Sylar and Peter. If anything don't kill Justin's character off if you need to drop him. I love how his story is similar to Claire's, ordinary teenagers with the idea of being considered freaks with practically everyone gone. Heroes kinda screwed up several love arcs, please dont axe this one too!

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