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It's finally here. The most anticipated Gossip Girl episode since ... well, the last one. But in all seriousness, "Carrnal Knowledge" looks like it's going to be a great one, and it has sparked massive rumors and theories even by Gossip Girl standards.

Still reeling from the recent developments regarding her grades, detention and admission to Yale, Blair Waldorf devises a plan to bring down her new teacher, Miss Rachel Carr - but then finds herself in even more hot water soon enough.

Meanwhile, Chuck wakes up with little memory of where he was the previous evening. He enlists Nate and Vanessa to help him find out, with surprising results.

What else do you think and hope will happen in tonight's episode?

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Follow the link to check out the sneak previews and promos of "Carrnal Knowledge" so far. We'll be compiling a recap, list of Gossip Girl quotes, Gossip Girl fashion and music breakdowns, and our staff's Round Table discussion after the show!

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what was the song that played when they started making out at the end?


i just realized that carr didn't know about D & S's breakup..that biatch.
i don't think S & N would be a good match...N and V are soooooooooooo good together. i love it! but N needs a better plot...he was pretty pointless in this episode


God, Dan used to be so sweet. Remember him from last season? Remember when he was so excited that his "DREAM GIRL" finally noticed him? Remember when they went on their FIRST DATE, AND SERENA WAS ON HER GOLD DRESS AND HE WAS WAITING FOR HER IN THE HOTEL LOBBY? AND THEY SIMPLY SMILED AT EACHOTHER? God, he loved her soo much. Now this? Ugh. Sorry I'm venting. This show is just so different from when it started. Nate, Blair, Chuck, and S aren't even friends anymore. Dan was so down-to-earth, and now he's screwing a teacher. Ugh. REMEMBER SERENA AND DAN'S FIRST KISS IN THE STREET?


I thought tonight's episode was fantastic! I was a bit confused by the completely separate Chuck and Blair storylines because I thought some progress had been made there and I do think Chuck and Blair are awesome together and it felt as though the show wanted the viewers to fall in love with "Chair". I guess I'll just wait and see where this is going. As for Dan and Serena - they were kinda boring and I loved the build up to the Dan and Rachel ending. You knew it was coming but it was really well done and I don't think any less of Dan at all. He truly fell for Rachel because of their shared interests and vice versa. If he wasn't thinking along the same lines as Rachel at the end, he would not have gone to her apartment. I doubt it will be anything long term though - probably more like Pacey and his teacher on Dawnson's Creek way back when. At least on DC, Pacey's teacher looked older - Rachel looks younger than Dan!


I was so excited about this episode. Loved to rainbow of colors that Blair and the minions created with their coats( sorry, had a fashion moment). I'm starting to get a little worried about Chuck , where exactly is this character going? I guess its the suspense that's keeping me interested in him. Glad to see that Blair is back at Constance and still in the running for Yale. So I guess it clear to see that the Serena/Dan escapade is over. This episode definitely opened up some new drama for the show . Cant wait for next week and I'm still trying to understand the relevance of Nate and Vanessa hopefully something interesting happens because they are boring me to death.


Vannessa got the invitation and mask from Nate as a joke. That's why she was wearing the mask when she went over to Nate's house. I'm getting sick of Gossip Girl. I guess I just got my hopes up for Blair and Chuck, and then nothing happened and the storyline has turned to crap. The next episode better be a really good one or people will stop planning their Mondays around the CW at 8


I'm just rather sad with the direction that Dan's character is taking. Sure, characters need to develop and change to keep things interesting, but his character in season 1, and even the beginning of season 2, was the most real and interesting to me... now he's just turning out to be the same as every other character on the show.


did anyone else really hate this episode??? chuck was barely in it, although he looked amazing, serena and dan are annoying, vanessa randomly showed up in trashy lime green pants, jenny had like a one second part, dan hooked up with ms carr which is random, gross, and just plain weird. even blair was verging on annoying.
chair should happen.
nate and serena should be together.
vanessa and jenny should be kicked off the show.
dan should be.... i dont even know, that was way to annoying to even comprehend.
also, dan and serena need to stop the annoying on again off again relationship that bugs me.
and how dare someone try to take down gossip girl? come on. please.


i can't wait for blair to take this bitch down. seeeriously. just wait until she finds out. or maybe a joint-effort w/ serena? and, in all honesty... i want some moments with the non-judging breakfast club. with serena hauled away by aarond and dan (ew), blair and chuck basically estranged (for now!), and nate being with vanessa... they have practically dispersed. and that makes me pretty sad. :( it could seriously give nate a better purpose than he has now... even though i don't really mind vanessa. let's hope the family story line gets there.


Wow. Honestly, I LOVED this episode. It has left me with the suspense that OLD Gossip Girl episodes used to give me. Lately they have been so-so but this, no matter how much I happen to HATE the plot, was a genuinely GOOD episode. Dan is so ughh now, Serena is sweet, Blair is vulnerable, Chuck is back to his old ways, and Jenny has ditched the raccoon make-up. I HATE Nate and Vanessa together, but I have to admit- in this episode, they were kiiiiiindaaaa cute. The only thing I would change about Gossip Girl is GET NATE BETTER PLOTS! He's always a subcharacter now. What happened to the Nate from the pilot and first few episodes of the series? He was the coveted, attractive, sensitive guy. But anyway. I'm happy Chair is taking a break, because that plot lacked variety. HEY WRITERS. MAYBE A LITTLE N AND B ACTION?? [hey, i can dream.]


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