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It's finally here. The most anticipated Gossip Girl episode since ... well, the last one. But in all seriousness, "Carrnal Knowledge" looks like it's going to be a great one, and it has sparked massive rumors and theories even by Gossip Girl standards.

Still reeling from the recent developments regarding her grades, detention and admission to Yale, Blair Waldorf devises a plan to bring down her new teacher, Miss Rachel Carr - but then finds herself in even more hot water soon enough.

Meanwhile, Chuck wakes up with little memory of where he was the previous evening. He enlists Nate and Vanessa to help him find out, with surprising results.

What else do you think and hope will happen in tonight's episode?

Discuss "Carrnal Knowledge" in our

Follow the link to check out the sneak previews and promos of "Carrnal Knowledge" so far. We'll be compiling a recap, list of Gossip Girl quotes, Gossip Girl fashion and music breakdowns, and our staff's Round Table discussion after the show!

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o..m..g.. is all i can say....but if S finds out about D & Carr this will turn out to be like a friends episode (rachel/ross=we were on a break) etc.
I hope noone finds out about that!! and D & S live happily together forever! the end!


WTF is going on with GG?! They're slacking off big time! Yeah I get that they are trying to redefine every character, but while they are working with one character, they are making the rest useless. This episode was more about blair, dan, carr and serena, yet they felt the need to stick Chuck in just because of his fan ratings. He (and his storyline) was useless this episode. And wtf is with V and N? why were they even in this episode?! The last few episdes have too many useless, non storyline related crap. The writing is getting VERY messy (what did blair and jack do on New Years? Why did V get a mask and an invitation for this "club"? why does chuck seem to know the woman from the club so well?). Its like, if you dont read the spoilers, you wont know whats going on in the show (then whats the point of it?) ...and finally whats the deal with having one episode air every 2 weaks since the end of 08? whats the point of then having a monday night spot? and now we got to wait for 5 weeks?! I should just wait till the end of the season and then dld all the episodes....less headaches [/end rant]


To Ey: Hell, I don't think it's harsh at all. Just because she's temporarily not doing her job, that does not mean she is throwing away her trade completely. She may have never been his teacher but she's supposed to be teaching kids HIS age, being a mentor, and maintaining that kind of distance all at the same time. If the math teacher isn't teaching the head cheerleader, it's alright for him to sleep with her?


omg i didnt seen it yet.....hope to in a few hours.....cant wait


where does its says that in will be aired in 5 weeks?


I think the only guy right for Serena is Nate. I always loved them together. And season one may have been foreshadowing for them. Any one agree? Or am i crazy?


I think you guys are judging Ms. Carr too harshly. She was not a teacher at the time when she slept with Dan, and she never was his teacher. She teaches at the prep sister school. I do wonder if she is sleeping with him because she likes him or just getting back at Serena. Also Dan is old enough make his own decision, I dont know but I think he may be 18, but who knows since the only birthdays celebrated on the show are B and J. No matter how deep of a guy Dan is suppose to be, somethings moments just happen. (ie Limo to all you Chair fans who are judging Dan right now) I think the spontaneous event at the end was a good ending. It was out of character for Dan because we expect him to always do the right thing, but that gets boring. The Episode was great. The Chuck storyline is interesting, something else he did not know about his father. I am over Rufus and Lilly storyline, its too happy- Cant wait for some Drama.


I totally agree AmyK! I'm dreaming of this Chair possibility! I thought R.Carr was suppose to be gone forever because she got fired! How the hell are they suppose to get rid of her now! Oh yeah! ONE WORD: GEORGINA SPARKS. Blair may be the Queen, but Georgina is the devil, which is more powerful and causes more pain!


Okay, first off.... Dan and Ms. Carr= EWWW!
hating all of this carr drama, i miss Chair! >.<
T_T chuck looked goooood in this episode. he's still my fav character by far.


Further thoughts...
Ms. Carr pursuing B the way she did, was obviously overcompensating for her own secret desire for the rumour to be true. I'm backing to thinking she's evil, once I realized that at no point was she told that S&D had broken up... she totally backstabbed S! Even if she felt betrayed by S. providing the "proof", she still would have had to have seen that S. did it because she was feeling hurt & betrayed herself by Rachel & Dan.
As for Dan fans, he is far to quick to rush into someone else arms & charms when he & Serena hit rough patches. Remember G? Didn't sleep with her "but may as well have" (wtf that means, idk) D&S were just barely broken up, and everyone was trying to tell him that there was more than met the eye to both S & G's stories. And then that whole ringer that C brought in to aid in his takedown of Queen B... Dan definitely overstepped the boundaries of friendly ex-relations when he waltzed into S's territory with the new girl on his arm (far too quickly after saying ily but goodbye). So jumping into RC's bed mere hours after another break with S is so IN CHARACTER for D, it's indisputable. S needs to find herself a sexier & more loyal soulmate. Almost thinking B should be on the lookout too... Nate has improved somewhat (rather wishy-washy, though I blame the writers more than either the actor or character), but that's at least partly due to V. He's been way too inconsiderate of both S & B in the past to be really good partners for either of them... oh dear, it seems that we are left looking for a few good men...


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