Dollhouse: Meet the Characters

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The most anticipated series of the winter premieres Friday night.

Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku as Echo, an "Active" that receives new personalities and abilities in order to go undercover on a variety of missions.

While this is the main star and focus of the show, Echo certainly isn't the only member of the Dollhouse. Here's a rundown of the show's other key characters:

  • Topher Brink: The geeky brains behind the Dollhouse's technology.
  • Paul Ballard: An FBI agent obsessed with the Dollhouse's secrets.
  • Adelle DeWitt: The head of the Dollhouse.
  • Boyd Langton: The Handler assigned to Echo.
  • Sierra: A fellow Active.
  • Claire Saunders: The Dollhouse's resident physician.
  • Laurence Dominic: Head of security.

Click on the photos below for closer looks at each character:

  • Paul Ballard Photo
  • Adelle DeWitt Photo
  • Sierra, Dollhouse
  • Dr. Claire Saunders
  • Laurence Dominic Photo
  • Topher Brink Picture
  • Boyd Langdon Picture

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