Extended Sneak Preview From "Carrnal Knowledge"

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Below is a new sneak peek of tomorrow night's "Carrnal Knowledge."

It's actually more of an extended version (a minute longer) of the first preview we posted on Friday, in which Chuck tries to recall his previous night's endeavors.

Follow the jump to check out the clip obtained by Entertainment Tonight. Here's Chuck, with a little help from Nate and Vanessa, trying to piece things together ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/carrnal-knowledge-sneak-preview-4/" title="Carrnal Knowledge Sneak Preview #4"][/video]

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They are just playing with Chuck. He isnt acting like a baby about it. I see nothing wrong with being around your boyfriends bff. If C had a problem with V he wouldve said so. Everyone can be friends. Anyways I am excited about the other SLs to.


i don't hate NV, but why are they keep on laughing and joking, while they're real purpose is to help C? i don't see them helping C they're just teasing him.
remember when S got a problem w/ georgina; C, N and B were there for her, maybe, it would be much better if they do it that way again, better than V being the substitute for his friends cause she's not really helping him. but i know that it will not be possible because S and B have their own problem in this episode so maybe N alone can help C, its not a right idea to bring V with N in this situation she's annoying just like everyone in this comments say.


ewwwww!! chuck had SEX with a MILF!!!!! GROSS...HE IS SUPPOSE TO BE CHASING BLIAIR!!!!!!


NV are serious. They have been offical for months. They are what DS was most of last season.


I agreed with Kathy with the NJBC but I like NV to.
I hate characters to but I dont wish for anyone to die. That is wrong!


i agree with chair4eva and also i'll add to the list: NO NATE AND VANESSA!


ewwwww i hate nate and vanessa, they are so annoying! they are pointless and i hate the whole n.v.c thing its so annoying i hope vanessa dies!


me too I have to agree with Kathy... they should finish what they started


i really agree with chair4eva !
chair is the best couple on the show, and nate and vanessa are too cute together. It doesn't seem like a very deep realtionship, since all they ever do is giggle at each other and make out!
i think it would be so cute if nate could just help blair out too. I mean, they must have been friends while they dated, so why is he never there when she needs someone?! also : more non-judging breakfast club!


I totally agree with Kathy too. The writers are making me confused

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