Extended Sneak Preview From "Carrnal Knowledge"

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Below is a new sneak peek of tomorrow night's "Carrnal Knowledge."

It's actually more of an extended version (a minute longer) of the first preview we posted on Friday, in which Chuck tries to recall his previous night's endeavors.

Follow the jump to check out the clip obtained by Entertainment Tonight. Here's Chuck, with a little help from Nate and Vanessa, trying to piece things together ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/carrnal-knowledge-sneak-preview-4/" title="Carrnal Knowledge Sneak Preview #4"][/video]

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I agree Kathy.


Yes, the minions are becoming annoying....especially Penelope. I feel like the have too many storylines going on and not finishing the first ones. Jack and Blair? Rufus and Lily's love child? Eric and Jonathan? Jenny?


Also more of the NJBC and DV. They are childhood friends! Give N and V both SLs outside of eachother on the side of being a couple. I want to see less of Penelope!


1. More CHAIR obviously
2. More Eric
3. More Nate & Blair as friends
4. Change D/S he doesn't deserve her! THINGS THEY'VE DONE RIGHT!
1. Dorota! Luv her!
2. Dan & B in play - sounds funny
3. B's 'war'
4. Cute chair scene when B ran right behind him.


Well, I am hardcore CB and NV but I have no problem with a CV friendship like a DB friendship. I still hope for BV scenes.
The nanny? I would guess she is in her 40s now. I dont know.


I would rather see NV together instead of CV. Now the nanny holding the baby thing? How old would she be now? Weird..............really weird.........


I am wondering if that is Chuck to but that would make no sense unless he finds out this nanny thing was a dream that has to do with his past. About NV they just need drama but that will come later in the season.


that would be really weird if the baby in the picture is supposed to be chuck... because that would mean that chuck has aged while the "nanny" has stayed the same age. um...


god NV is so completly pointless and booooring....they are even annoying now..cannot belive these writers...inadequate inadequate!!!!


yea i think nate and vanessa are cute i dont see whats the big deal.

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