Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: "Carrnal Knowledge"

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Last week's episode of Gossip Girl, "Carrnal Knowledge," featured some classic plot twists, bitchy comments, new hookups and, of course, trendy Gossip Girl fashion.

Below, our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., belatedly breaks down the episode, telling us where we can get some of its amazing attire ...


The most recent episode of Gossip Girl, “Carrnal Knowledge,” was gripping – however, just like Blair, I was briefly cut off from civilization (apart from the Damages series, of course), due to the snow phenomenon here in the UK.

However, as soon as the Internet was fixed, I put together the latest Gossip Girl fashion breakdown. Keep watching this space in the coming weeks – I am currently working on a special style breakdown featuring just the Gossip Girl guys!

Already known for her own take on the preppy style, Blair Waldorf could not wear the usual exclusive brands when she is doing community service in the Central Park, but still opted for an extremely stylish H&M coat. See Below:

Blair in Red

Beneath Blair's coat it is possible to see a Moschino Cheap and Chic Tiered Skirt ($132, here), which is accessorized with a Robert Clergie Titan Bag and a pair of Robert Clergie Fillesat Shoes (about $200, here).

Back at school, Blair is greeted by a still envious (and very yellow in her future actions) Nelly Yuki in a French Connection Kinickie Buckle Coat ($149, here) and Penelope in an Alice + Olivia Purple Bubble Coat ($319, here).

Also in school, we see Serena van der Woodsen, in a very comfortable and laid-back combination of a James Perse blouse and sweater (here), and with a to-die-for Nuti New Yorker Ostrich Hobo ($3,400, here).

We see her in the same outfit later with a thrown over Rag & Bone Great coat (not available online), when  meeting with Miss Carr, who carried a Hogan Handbag ($599, here).

Despite being out of school, Blair still managed a beautiful selection of tops throughout the episode: a Nanette Lepore Songstress Cardigan ($97.50, here), a Milly Women's Beaded Sleeveless Cashmere Tank and Sweater ($172, here), a Floral Sleeve Top by Catherine Malandrino ($395, here) and a Nanette Lepore Kiss Me Coat ($305, here).

Lastly, Serena, in an attempt to reason with Miss Carr before Blair has gone too far, carries the “Bag of the Episode” - a stunning Bryna Nicole Loyola Satchel ($550, here).

Rachel and Serena

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could you pls put up all the fashion pictures of their clothing for us to admire and relate to the respective brandS? that would be great! been looking for websites like that but cant find=( Thanks for your breakdown!


I love blair's style and mostly her hair bands what u people think about her hair bands


Ugh, I want Serena's coat! Why isn't it available?!?! *cry* Oh well. I couldn't afford it anyways. I think someone should make a line inspired by GG. But affordable. Christian Siriano anyone?


OMG!!! I had bought that red jacket from H&M a couple of months ago and blair was wearing it. I guess we have the same taste.


I absolutely adore Leighton's style on the show. It's totally individual, expensive and classy. Anytime i'm going out i have to consult my G.G records to make sure everything i wear is in order and correct for the occasion! I'd be soooo happy if the producers of the show released some kind of book about all the designers and styles that influenced their characters clothing. I would be like my no.1 priority to get it! I have a mixture of styles, i love the preepy coordinated look but you need to have that look perfected to pull it off and to attain it can be seriouly expensive! I love Bohemian sheek aswell though it's a little last season, and no longer features regularly in vogue.


I think the fashion in gossip girl is unique and something that some teen s would wear i always follow it and mix it with my own style

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