Gossip Girl Spoilers: Jack Bass to Return?

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Here's a little item from TV Guide's Q&A today that addresses something many of you have been wondering on this very site - what the heck happened to that scene from the promo involving Jack, Blair, Chuck and New Year's?

Here's their take on it ...

Q: Before Gossip Girl's cruelly long hiatus, a preview showed Uncle Jack telling Chuck what happened between him and Blair on New Year's. But the scene was cut from the episode, and now Jack is gone! Will this ever be brought up again?

A: This reminds me of the time that my great-uncle Shorty, he of the "go-to-hell" pants, went missing at an ice-skating party. Fortunately, we just followed the Schnapps fumes down to his favorite thinking log and there he was, unconscious. Uncle Jack, on the other hand, is very much alive Down Under. My personal Gossip Girl insider tells me we'll revisit the Uncle F---a situation in a future episode, which doesn't bode well for Blair. The real question: If we take that preview scene at face value, does that mean that Chuck already knows?

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Im confused!! What happend with Jack and Blair??
If anyone knows, tell meee!!! :D


Ah yes! I'm so glad I'm not the only person who is still dwelling over the Uncle Jack & Blair situation.


Yes, we'll finally know. I think Blair slept with Jack. Whether or not she was sober is a whole other question.


If Chuck does already know, then that's so sweet that he wouldn't get mad at her or judge her... whatever happened.

Love dame

at least someone is actually acknowledging this.... ahhhh! i can't wait. but maybe i can. i have a feeling this will be in the finale or something. god!help!me


as long as this jack issue does mess with chair in the finale! that would be terrible!!!


This just confused me more. So, Chuck may know? And we will find out what happens afterall?


Jack had so much wasted potential as a character. He could have had great storylines with C/B and so much complexity but instead they made him a one dimensional jerk. IF they choose to bring him back they have to be really careful about the way they do it because of his abrupt and slightly crude exit. So to speak they rather cut off the character at the knees and it's going to be a difficult task to bring him back after that.


I just think Chuck will find out. I don't think that Jack will be brought back. He's too evil -- he's a rapist. There's nothing more to do with him unless they want to make him a more well rounded character, which is a waste of time in my opinion.


I think it would be foolish to bring him back. The tension would be gone, so to speak. But since I really despised his character--I'll admit that it makes me a little biased.

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