Gossip Girl Spoilers: More on Serena's New Love

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An interesting Gossip Girl spoiler / tidbit from EW's spoiler chat this morning ...

Q: I may be the only person in the world who's extremely excited by the breakup of Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl. What's next for both of them?

A: A new love triangle for Serena van der Woodsen that will eventually set in motion that whole Anne Hathaway-inspired plot I told you about last week. What I failed to mention in that story was that when Serena's grifter love interest is first introduced, he's in a relationship with her socialite bud, Poppy Lifton!

van der Gorgeous
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Yeah but what about Dan?!?!


Blake's looks soo georgeous in tht pic ughh im jelous and i dont caare about who Serena dates as long as She ends up with Dan in the end...she better....>.< i have hope....DARENA 4ever


poppy? she was a 1 or 2 episode character from earlier this season. no one cares about her. she disappeared and no one remembers her. she's hardly a character, she was never developed, and there is absolutely nothing to her. So who really gives a crap about "Her boyfriend is going to be stolen by serena! OH NOESS!!" I'm so mad that the writers ruined dan and serena with all this stupid stuff with their parents and their brother, who guess what writers, NO ONE wants to see in the show. I keep watching the episodes from season one and i'm disappointed in the way the show has gone. Blair has gone from a sophisticated brilliant mastermind to a whiny stupid condescending baby, the love scenes between dan and ms. carr are so freaking awkward because there is no chemistry between those characters whatsoever, and Serena is just plain boring. Way to ruin what was an awesome show.


This storyline sounds cool...but I'm afraid it'll be rushed in only 3 episodes. We'll se, I guess. I am, too, one of those DS crazed fans who want them forever...but for right now I guess it's good they're taking some time to test the romantic waters.


OMG! did u see the new set photo? the new girl is so hot. she should be Dan's GF!


Blake looks so unusually hot in this picture. I don't usually find her hot, even though I think she's really adorable (I prefer a certain brunette, haha)


true that! dan need a new GF, a real Gf! and not miss Carr. Because its always serena that always have a new bf


And yeah, blake looks sooooooooooooooo gorgeous in that pic. i love her so much:)


I really like this plot.
I do love dan and serena together, but for now, it's a no no.
Serena needs to be with a new guy and dan needs to have a new gf(no ms carr please) at the same time. And im still hating dan! HAHA.
They shouldn't get back together soon. That would be stupid and might get boring again.
It's NOT derena's time for now.


I agree SerenaVDW actually. Dan and Ms Carr disgusting...
I love D and S... I want to see them together

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