Gossip Girl Spoilers: Notes From Future Episodes

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Some information culled from CW press releases about the remaining episodes in Season Two. Some of this we already knew, and plenty is still up in the air. You'll know as soon as we find out anything more - and we encourage your intel/tips as well!

Here goes:

March 16, "The Age of Dissonance" - Sebastian Stan (the real-life boyfriend of Leighton Meester) returns for multiple episodes as Chuck's nemesis, Carter Baizen. Follow the above link for a longer synopsis of this episode.

March 23, "The Grandfather" - Carter instantly causes trouble for Chuck and further angers him when he tries his moves on Blair Waldorf. Meanwhile, Vanessa receives an offer from Nate's grandfather that is difficult to refuse.

March 30, "Remains of the J," - As Jenny has second thoughts about her future, Tamara Feldman returns as socialite Poppy Lifton, and Armie Hammer makes his first appearance in the role of Gabriel Serrano, Poppy's boyfriend who sweeps Serena off her feet with a romantic vacation. Both guest stars will appear in multiple episodes.

Serena and Gabriel Kiss!

April 20, "Seder Anything" - Wallace Shawn returns as Cyrus Rose, Eleanor Waldorf's husband.

April 27, "Loose Ends" - Michelle Trachtenberg returns as the manipulative Georgina Sparks for a four-episode arc, taking us through the end of the second season.

May 4, "TBA" - Introduces the love child of Lilly and Rufus, who is indeed alive, and returns to his parents needing to finish his Senior Year of high school.

May 11, "TBA" - No Doubt will appear and perform their song "Stand And Deliver" for the first time ever on Gossip Girl! This episode will also introduce the Gossip Girl spinoff, reportedly starring Brittany Snow, as a "backdoor pilot."

May 18, "TBA" - Season Two concludes.

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No, it's not Nate, it's Gabriel, Serena's new love interest.


omg is it him!?


Lily was 19 when she had the love child...


i heard in the episode loose ends or somthing chuck and blair get back together


I thought Lily had the "lovechild" when she was 17, and if the kid is 17 or 18, Lily would be in her 20s and that is not possible.


maybe he never got to finish high school, and now he is like 20 and he wants to complete schooling so they send him back? ever thought of it that way? and omg too much story in 8 f-ing episodes! i wanted georgina back longer!


It makes no sense that Lovechild would go to Rufus and Lily...he doesn't even know about them...the age thing also doesn't jive.


The love child thing makes no sense. Unless for some reason he just never finished High School. Maybe he dropped out or something, maybe he didn't like his adoptive parents, who knows but they need to do something to make it believable, because right now from that little snippet it doesn't make the least bit of sense to me.


More Darota!


honestly the whole "love child" story seems a little weird... i think it just doesn't fit with the whole Lily-Rufus story line! And i think Blair and Chuck are planing something against Gabriel... (btw: Armie Hammer seems to be really tall! I mean if he's taller then Blake Lively and she's probably wearing heels...)

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