Heroes Poll: Who is Rebel?

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On last night's episode of Heroes, someone text messaged Claire at her home in Costa Verde.

The anonymous individual signed his/her messages as "Rebel" and told Claire that it wasn't too late to fight back, there was still hope.

Who do you think is Rebel?

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anywon think its micah and molly teaming up


i must agree with the people who say it's Hana Gitelman. I found an old post from 2007: "Though Israeli freedom fighter Hana died in outer space in a Heroes graphic novel last spring, her consciousness survives. 'We will see her again on the show at some point.'" Though it is a very old post I still think it holds up. But of course people to like to change there minds also on the same post they had: Will Mohinder ever have a power? --Not likely. "He's Mr. Science and was conceived to be the one guy in this vortex who does not have special abilities," Kring said. "We have no plans to change that." And we all know how that turned out... so guess just have to wait and see.


Meridith died, .. when they burned down the company's building


however what raigo says is VERY relevant but still the question why start with claire is rasied? Why help doyle I also ask if Micah or Molly have ever encountered doyle if not they could not find him right? And the two of them are very bright but why would they start with saving Doyle and how would they know about the comic book guy?


Oh just for added proof to my theory the way rebel talks is more Hana like and noticed she contacted one of NOAH'S relatives first as Micah would have contacted someone closer first....


IT IS HANA when I first saw her stop the security system with matt and peter I said it has to be Hana i all adds up of course I also theorize Micah is helping her as the two have been under the radar


I think it's micah with molly . because micah can manipulate electronics and send text message everybody who need help .
Molly can find people and send text message.


I say its Micah and Molly, Molly tells him where they, and he sends the text messages.


Hana Gitelman is NOT Rebel. Her conciousness, along with Drucker's, was trapped in the Primatech mainframe which was promptly deleted as seen in the graphic novel "The End of Hana and Drucker". Sorry, a twice-dead person who has barely existed in the show itself isn't Rebel. There's no way a big revelation like that is going to be such a minor character even if she wasn't dead.


"Rebel" is the computer genius boy that can connect with the wired...


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