Heroes Producers Tease Volume Four Storylines

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Heroes producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete recently spoke about characters and storylines to come.

Here's a summary of the main plot points we took from their latest interview:

  • Rebel has a phone and can text. (Thanks, guys!)
  • Claire and Sylar will have a talk in the finale of Fugitives. The topic? Immortality.
  • We will see another use of Ando’s power by episode 20. 
  • Two Pushing Daisies alums will appear this season: Swoozie Kurtz will be appearing as a new character and Ellen Green will be reprising an old one.
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sylar dies and so does his dad, when sylar on the last episode has a duel with his dad, his dad cuts his head open and then eventually dies of his cancer


Rav - The strange energy rising from Arthur Petrelli's body when he dies was the catalyst. Once dead the catalyst left his body and could not be adsorbed by anyone. Thats why Hiros mom had to give it to someone before she died.


Heres what im thinking will happen (although heroes has been known to skewer my predictions in past episodes) 1. micha is rebel, everyones thinking it, its an easy guess to make ... which is why the writers prob wont do it!! (even if it makes the most sense 2. peters origanl power was taken from him, completeley drained, if u pay attantion to his dad in season 2 he says (i take everything and leave nothing) he will not get his origanal power back. 3. When peters dad did die we saw some strange energy arise from his body, i think peter somehw absobed this and in conjuction with the serum will develop his new power from just absorbing 1 ability to the all out power drain that his dad has/had. 4. Sylers sidekick whatever his name is, will be the bomb in DC, not Parkman as we were left to ponder at the end of cold wars. SS can project basic early radioactivity/microwaves whatever and i think that it will be like teds from series one. this could be a reason why syler dosent feel a need to kill him and also set syler up as a hero at the end who stays with the kid and who knows, somthing like series 1, a full cyle of events with peter being the bad power stealing guy in the end and syler the hero trying to save people, would love to see that!!! 4. (and final) Sylers dad became a taxidermist as he has the same ability as syler and needs to see how things work, and as a living body is alot more complicated then a watch he takes them apart for study, gory yes but still a decent plot in a story!!


Two Pushing Daisies alums will appear this season: Swoozie Kurtz will be appearing as a new character and Ellen Green will be reprising an old one. Which is only fair, since Jayma Mays and Dana Davis were both on Pushing Daisies.


I got the feeling seeing how Rebel responds so quickly he/she wasn't actually texting (I mean the replies were instantanious), it was more like Hana and Micah's powers (which is why it's so likely to be either Micah or someone with the same powers). So much is linking to what happened in season 1 (some may say rehashing or reusing ideas, I'm trying to be positive) that I think it will be a similar reveal to Hana's.


“Will Claire ever have to deal with her own immortality - the possibility she may never grow old or have to watch her loved ones die? It seems to me at least Angela should talk to Claire about it - her experience with Adam and all? It seems to be the Elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. Or perhaps Noah and Angela are in denial.� Claire will have this talk in the last chapter of “Fugitives.� With the only person alive who can relate. Yes. Him. Again HOLY S*** Are they saying that Peter is not going to get his abilities back... I mean if they are referring to Sylar being the person she speaks to... Or does it mean that one of them die /cry


Jamie Kirkland just wants to see a fight: “Are Peter and Sylar ever going to do battle again? The rivalry between them has resulted in a few skirmishes, but never a real all out brawl. Are there any plans to have them duel again?� Yes. But of course, you may have to wait until the last chapter of the volume. That being said, we don’t think you’ll like how this one turns out Holy S*** I dont think I like the sound of that.

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