Heroes Sneak Peak: "Building 26"

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On next week's all-new episode of Heroes, Ando and Hiro head to India.

Let's hope this goes better than Hiro's ill-fated (seemingly never-ending) trip to feudal Japan.

Enjoy this sneak peak at the episode titled "Building 26."

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/building-26-sneak-peak/" title="Building 26 Sneak Peak"] [/video]

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My constant gripe with the writers is how they write the characters and make beloved characters annoying. I adore Claire and just because she's a teenager, it doesn't mean she needs to be always bratty and rebellious. She hit rock bottom in season 2 IMO. Thank goodness her character has been growing up a lot in past episodes. Same goes with Hiro. He deserves so much more than the occasional comic relief role he gets. Sure he's funny but he needs to get back to the real action soon!


Hiro has been getting shortchanged by the writers ever since. What is UP with Hiro this season?


i liked hiro's trip to feudal japan! he brought the charcter adam monroe into the game. it is just rather unfortunate that the writers killed him off so soon!

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