Jay Photoglou: I Banged Gretchen Rossi!

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On September 13, 2008, Gretchen Rossi lost her finace, Jeff Beitzel, to leukemia.

Viewers of The Real Housewives of Orange County discovered Jeff's tragic fate on the show's season finale.

But Jay Photoglou claims Rossi couldn't have been that broken up about it. The reason? He'd been having an affair with her for months.

“I was Gretchen’s REAL boyfriend,” Photoglou told The National Enquirer. “She spent her days at the hospital with her dying fiancé, but her nights with me.”

A Loyal Housewife?

Photoglou says he and Rossi began dating in January 2008, and “for the next year we spent most nights together."

Rossi doesn't deny that she dated Jay for a bit.

"Jay and I had a short-lived relationship before Jeff and I started dating," she said, adding that his cheating accusations are "ridiculous” and “disrespectful to me and the memories of Jeff.”

Is The National Enquirer a reputable source? Of course not. But don't forget: it was the first publication to report on the John Edwards and Rielle Hunter affair. Just sayin.

** UPDATE: Jay Photoglou has sued Rossi for slander. Read more about it at TheHollywoodGossip.com.

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Why do you need to post what you did on the internet, to me you appear to be insecure! I'm not Grethen, no where near her and I wouldn't even bang you!
I predict that you will never bang a beautiful woman like Gretchen again! Beacause of your big mouth!


Hi Joe
Who cares if you banged her! Why do you have to post it all over the internet, it means your an insecure guy, why do you
have to tell everyone! You should of kept quiet because by the looks of you I wouldn't of banged you, and I dont look anywhere near as beautiful as Gretchen!


Wow interesting on how the world has turned. Tamra getting a divorce!


ok so first off!
yall dont know what yall are talking about!
yall actually like her!!! HA HA HA HA
well news flash to all tha dumb bitches who like her!
you are just as fucked up as her!!!!! =come on now!!!!! she cheated on her dying husband just to get tha money and if yall are down for that then FUCK YALL TO!!!


it seems like gretchen was the one that wrote all of these posts.


Tamra is the liar. She never had money and lied her way onto the show. So gretchen has a psycho ex-boyfriend who posted nude pics? Lots of couples take pics of each other. But what kind of sleazeball turns around the posts them on the internet??? The only person who looks bad is him. But the most appalling behavior is how horrible a mother Tamra is. What kind of person takes their little ones on a booze cruise and proceeds to do beer bongs in front of her children and get trashed? She gets drunk in front of them all the time and uses the worst, sleaziest language. Her daugthers will end up a whore just like their mother because they have no good example. Tamra is the real parasite, being a bad mother is the low of the low.


I'm not sure who you're trying to convince but she's already been invited back to the show. Are you shouting? lol


Gretchen is a LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!! SHE FUCKED JAY AND MANY MORE, While poor Jeff was in his hospital bed. Gretchen is a sick fuck. All that BITCH cared about was being on camera, CRYING Her crocodile tears when Jeff's name was mentioned and then DANCING....LAUGHING.....DRINKING....PARTYING...FUCKING...SUCKING, And then going back to the GRIEVING FIANCE ACT?? Anyone that fell for GRETCHEN'S ACT.....IS MORE THEN STUPID. You should all check for BRAIN DAMAGE!!


That site is horrible. Its just like the national enquirer, fake stories, fake pictures. Even a disclaimer on the home page stating that it is satire, gossip, etc. Not to mention the whole premise centers around vicious, hateful people leaving cruel comments. So fun....lol


You're right, Gretchen always did look flawless, thus all the jealousy from Tamra and Vicki. She was always so sweet to them too, I'd feel bad being so mean to someone that was so nice to me. But then again, I have a heart. Tamra has proven herself to be a heartless, insensitive, floozy. And get some clothes that fit. Try moving from the teen dept. to womens.