Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford on the Gossip Girl Set

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We've already seen him playing some basketball with Ed Westwick (Chuck). Now pictures have surfaced of Chace Crawford (Nate) and Leighton Meester (Blair) filming scenes for Gossip Girl together in New York City. Here's a nice one ...

Leighton and Chace as Blair and Nate

Gossip Girl fan opinions on the romantic reunion of Nate and Blair definitely vary. We don't know how long it will last, or what they're talking about in this particular scene. Click to enlarge more photos below, and feel free to chime in with theories!

Sharing Smiles
Nair? Blate?
Filming Gossip Girl
Chace and Leighton Photo
In Character as Blair
Meester on Set
Leighton on Location

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I hope Blair and Nate stay together. I prefer that relationship over the tormented one with Chuck. He doesn't deserve Blair and she deserves better than Chuck. Even if he ever came around to treating Blair well he would just turned around and hurt her over and over again. Blair should stay away from him and stick with her true love - Nate!


i love to see Blair with Chuck but i don't mind her being with Nate too.. =)




MissDior I love it!! Haha and i agree with you!!! :)


is she blondier??? D;
well whateva!
Chucck deserves this
And blair deserves to be happy
and Nate deserves a good story-line!


p.s. the rest of the pix im talking about are on some other site...


Just saw the ret of the pix of Blair and Nate walking together and it looks more than friendly, imo. Nate's wearing the same outfit as he is when he's playing basketball with Chuck, but of course not sure if he meets with Blair before or after b-ball with Chuck. A lot of the pix are actually of Chace and Leighton goofing off inbetween takes. You can tell because when it's off-filming, Leighton's wearing Uggs instead of heels.


NAIR ALL THE WAY!!! Chair fans fuck off! x)


Hey.. you guys, about the March 16 preview that Blair is kissing Chuck. Well... I am not surprised because Blair is still involved with Chuck at this moment.. and I think March 16 will definitely tell us how Chuck and Blair totally get disconnected, and how Nate seperated from Vanessa. And how the fire begins with Nate and Blair... Go Nair
Can't wait to see more of GG


yeah...blair is so into nate..!


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