Leighton Meester: To Bang or Not to Bang?

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This isn't the first time we've polled fans on Leighton Meester's hair. Some topics are worth revisiting, though - especially when there is no wrong answer!

Gossip Girl's queen bee got fans buzzing recently by cutting extra-long bangs into the loose waves we are more used to seeing on the gorgeous actress.

Which hairstyle do you like more? Tell us below ...

Leighton Meester Bangs

Leighton Meester looks better with ...

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I think this answers the question:


i think she is a girl that the more you take care of ,and the more bueatifull she looks .


No Bangs!! she looks really pretty!!...especially when she have those gorgeous headbands!!!


leighton's face looks fat when she's wif bangs...
she looks much more better without them


She is gorgeous either way! I actually love her with bangs that is just a bad pic. The other photos were amazing!


cmon she is as skinny and pretty as they come. and I definitely like her with the bangs. The whole china doll thing works perfectly well with the Blair wldorf thing so for me its a thumbs up for the exquisitely beautifull Leighton.


I really don't like her with bangs. Personally I think they make her look fat, which is horrible cause she is so pretty.
She looks more youthful and glowing without them.


God, look how much alike she is Amanda in this pic with bangs!


if i'm not mistaken.. to me, she looks a bit like khloe kardashian with the bangs.. weird..


Agre with kathy she's the prettiest :) i like Blake's body, i like Jessica's eyes, but Leighton is the best for me

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