Lindsay Price Wants to Be on 90210

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Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling... Lindsay Price?

While the first three Beverly Hills, 90210 alums listed above have appeared - or will appear - on the new 90210, Price has also expressed her desire to drop by her former zip code.

The actress, who portrayed Steve Sanders’ wife Janet Sosna on the original show in the late ’90s, might very well welcome a chance to reprise that role.

"I would definitely consider it!” Price told In Touch Weekly about a guest-starring stint. "If I get a chance to retrace some steps and talk to some familiar faces, it would be great!"

Price's current show, Lipstick Jungle, is in danger of cancellation. Would you wanna see her on 90210?

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hell ya i'de wanna see her..along with Steve and David and freakin Brandon! we need some alumn guys up in this show!!!


yeah. I love Lindsay always. She's beautiful! And she was adorable in BH90210 days.:)


I wouldn't mind seeing Tiffani Amber Thiessan back on 90210 but Donna that's just pushing it!!!!!!


yes yes yes
please put her on the show, even maybe as a regular, she is also the best thing about lipstick jungle, i wanna see her a lot in any show :)


your right RG TIffani was cool but not out of place in the Zip Code she fit cause she had a link with other cast members(she was a friend of the family)I think that Mr Spelling has a nack for talent and fireing Hilary Swank was the best thing he did(for her any was)


Renee - the only AFTER SEASON 4 charcter would be Valerie, Tiffani Amber Thiessen was a great addition. I actually liked Hilary Swank as Carly - i thought the character was a good match for Steve and offered a pretty mature journey for his character to take. Wasn't to be though, but who'd have thought back then she would go on to be Clint Eastwoods oscar winning leading lady! Just goes to show, you never know!!!


this is all i have to say about cast memders coming back.If you where in anything after sesion 4 dont Ask to come back all us real 90210 fans want to see is a Kelly,Brenda and Donna reunion but anyway(if you bring Lindsay back why not Hillary Swank for that matter J/K LOL..


Michael - at least Donna was an original character who stood on her own without David for a lot of the time. Janet didn't have any purpoe other than 'love' interest for Steve. Personally - i thought the original BH90210 died after Jason Priestley left and i'd love to see Brandon back, with Kelly. Story opportunities then would be huge SHOULD Dylan then comeback on the scene at somepoint. Then however its back to old BH90210 and not this 90210.


Yeah, that would be awesome!! Anyone from the original show you can bring back, i say DO IT!! We should be allowed to see the former cast or at least hear what the characters has been up to! I can't figure out why they didn't age Madeline to be in high school, along with Nat's son.


RG, Donna's appearance is pointless to without David.......



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