More Shannen Doherty to Come!

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Sources close to 90210 have confirmed that Shannen Doherty will appear again this season.

No other details have been released, though speculation has already started about whether or not Doherty will share a scene with former rival Tori Spelling, who is also returning to the famous zip code.

When we last saw Brenda, she was making up with Kelly, while also making an admission: she cannot have children.

We're calling it now: Adrianna will give up her baby for adoption... to Brenda! What do you think?

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I think Brenda should go to Wyoming for some Dylan lovin. I need a B/D reunion even if its offscreen and a paternity test for Sammy and its Brandon's :-)


As long as Shannen gets to stay on the show I'm all for anything. I prefer Brenda over Donna or Kelly anyday.


THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I hope Shannen and Tori can make up and put the past behind them. I'm guessing that Brenda will adopt Adrianna's baby, too, but I don't know for sure!


i think so. i think thats how it will happened. hopefully!


If that does happen, I called it when I first found out that Adrianna was preggers!!!


No this wont happen because then Adrianna will still be around the baby, and usually the birth parent does not want to be around the child...


Brenada as a adoptive mother for Adrianna's baby seems to be a great idea and it could have the potential for makeing Shannen a semi cast regular so im all for it..

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