New Gossip Girl Promo Starring Blake Lively

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Here is a strange and wonderful new promo the CW has released for Gossip Girl, featuring one of the show's gorgeous stars, Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen).

It's more artistic than we've come to expect from Gossip Girl promos, but no complaints here. Who wouldn't like staring at that smile for a full minute! See below:

[video url="" title="Blake Lively Gossip Girl Promo"] [/video]

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that was beyond creepy


guys this isn't a promo for "Blair Waldorf's Day Off" this is a serena promo like chuck's womanizer promo or blair's keeps getting better..those one's were better but this is just a promo for serena's character not the episode


What is the name of the song playing in the background of this promo (as well as the original scene in 2x10 Bonfire of the Vanity)?


Serena is gorgeous!


Didn't see the point to all of this...don't even like Serena, shes not even as popular as confused?!


Blake looks stunning in all the shots she was so cute so sad it didnt reveal anythign on the up comming episodes


There are only different sights of her for more than 1 minute and with a boring song


im at skool so its blocked n i cant watch it... so can n e one giv me a recap of wat hapens??!


im sorry but that went on for eternity. that was the stupidest thing ever. at least they could have added commentary. it was just like oh look isnt she pretty... we know! so is leighton and she's the better actress. maybe blakes better and the material just hasnt come to show it but i doubt it. they should do thaat for each character but add commentary...ok so like only blake, leighton, ed, and dan, mayb lil j.


Aww super cute. I love Blake. She looks gorgeous!


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