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Two reputations destroyed. Now for the second act ...

Below is a new promotional poster released by the CW in advance of new episodes of Gossip Girl returning Monday, March 16. The next episode is entitled "The Age of Dissonance," and if this is any indication, it should be a great one ...

Gossip Girl Poster: March 2009

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its obviously not serenas rep. that was destroyed
also i bet it was dan and blairs reputation that was destroyed


I think that it means Blair destroyed Ms Carr and Dan, and now she is going to destroy Serena's. I don't know why she would though.
From all the promos and stuff the CW is plastering everywhere, it looks like they have a lot of plot lines to fit in one episode!
Each promotional video or poster seems to indicate something different about the episode.
:0 Confusing!
ROLL ON MARCH 16TH! It's gonna be HUGE!
xoxo ;)


After looking at the grandfather poster that has the same words, in which it looks like CB will have a secret realtionship. I think that what ever happens may something that paralells what happened maybe last season.


Ms.Carr and Nelly Yuki.
They are def going down and S n B are the 1s 2 do it


thanks "pen"


Serena's face looks sooo bizarre


I think the 2 reputations destroyed are Dan and Blair's. The other main characters of GG don't have much of a good reputation to maintain. Blair's strong, proper, perfect facade will come not getting into yale, eating disorder exposed, not able to pick up her life post-bass...a downward spiral she can't hide. Dan will be exposed for the hypocrite he really is.. having an affair with a teacher, sorta cheating on serena (wasn't totally confirmed that they broke up),prob lying to his friends & family about the affair...Dan is not morally above the UES kids, he's just as bad.


Blair looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous! :D


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