OMG! New Gossip Girl Promo (Extended)

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Here's an extended version combining some of the highlights from the new promos being circulated for the eagerly-anticipated March 16 return of Gossip Girl.

It just screams, well, OMG ...

[video url="" title="OMG: New Gossip Girl Promo (Extended)"] [/video]

Check out our library of Gossip Girl videos for all the latest promos, previews and clips from the show. Follow the jump for a slightly different version of the preview seen here - it's essentially the same except it's all music, no characters' dialogue ...

[video url="" title="Extended New Gossip Girl Promo"] [/video]

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befor she says "not even a little?"


i wonder what blair says to nate?


Good slap, Serena.


its Ida Maria - Oh My God


here is the song from the promo! It's called Oh My God by Ida Maria! Here's are links to her myspace and a youtube video... :)


oh whats the song btw?


OMFGGG (: im so excitedddd =D


My response to the promo: LOL, OMG, WTF, OMFG! SO EXCITED!!!!!!


Looked,doesn't know her.Some random girl/


No,i am sure it's VANESSA(brooklyn!!)

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