OMG! New Gossip Girl Promo (Extended)

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Here's an extended version combining some of the highlights from the new promos being circulated for the eagerly-anticipated March 16 return of Gossip Girl.

It just screams, well, OMG ...

[video url="" title="OMG: New Gossip Girl Promo (Extended)"] [/video]

Check out our library of Gossip Girl videos for all the latest promos, previews and clips from the show. Follow the jump for a slightly different version of the preview seen here - it's essentially the same except it's all music, no characters' dialogue ...

[video url="" title="Extended New Gossip Girl Promo"] [/video]

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who is tackling who in this promo out on the field? it looks like Vanessa is watching (ew!) above or something. is it Nate? is it a real battle or some sports?? we must know!!!


Chuck looks funny in the last scene. hahaa


another theory...
what if blair asked nate, "dont you like the new me?"
Nate: no
Blair: not even a little?
Nate: actually, no. i still like the old blair. you dont have to change for me to like you.
it is a bit plausible considering nate looks submissive or look like he's enjoying being seduced by blair. if he didnt want to be with her, he shouldnt have agreed to go in a room alone with her, right?


Could anybody help me to write the dialogue of the promo please? I'm spanish so I can't understand well what they say.


definitly makes me scream OMG, ahaha cant wait to watch (:


Could it be that the Nate and Blair kissing scenes were "flashbacks" of when they were younger and in-love? Nate's clearly not into Blair in this short clip and he's certainly not shown any affection towards her since their break-up.


omfg! umm..lets count how many guys blair is going to be with: 1)carter and blair making out on the couch 2.)blair and chuck making out in a classroom? and about to start off? 3.) blair and nate making out and about to start off!!! i love it when blair is all slutty and bitchy, which means that QUEEN B IS BACK


Is Blair not wearing anything but here bra and underwear with chuck at the end of the promo or is that just me
And it's not the same night with Nate she's wearing a long black dress and her hairs up, and in the chuck Blair scene take me now hes wearing the same shirt and pants the jackets off
And b is also wearing that red lipstick so yah and I've watched this promo about a million times and it's deffinatly Blair and chuck isn't pulling away Hes looking over at the door I think probably someone walked in and his expressions like wtf
So any comments


What does Vanessa say about her boobs? Couldn't hear clearly.


Yeah, I have to agree with Michael. I don't understand why a lot of people never seem to get that the "NEW EPISODE(S)" promos don't pertain to just one episode... Meh. flkjdfslkfsd, Nate and Blair are so cute...

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