OMG! New Gossip Girl Promo (Extended)

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Here's an extended version combining some of the highlights from the new promos being circulated for the eagerly-anticipated March 16 return of Gossip Girl.

It just screams, well, OMG ...

[video url="" title="OMG: New Gossip Girl Promo (Extended)"] [/video]

Check out our library of Gossip Girl videos for all the latest promos, previews and clips from the show. Follow the jump for a slightly different version of the preview seen here - it's essentially the same except it's all music, no characters' dialogue ...

[video url="" title="Extended New Gossip Girl Promo"] [/video]

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I'm going to make the prediction now that it is not Blair underneath Chuck. A lot of people thought it was Blair kissing chuck in the extended Carnal Knowledge promo, but surprise! It wasn't. Plus the girl underneath him doesn't even look like Blair when you pause the video.


OMG I can't wait until gossip girl returns!


that is blair with chuck in the bed i zoomed in and i am pretty sure that is her. What does vanessa say to chuck?


Maybe it is not Blair on the bed. Why would Chuck pull away suddenly.....unless someone has walked in on them. Good grief, it's like Eyes Wide Shut but with eyes wide open!


When I was talking about Blair's dress indicating that's her on the bed, I'm meaning on the bed with Chuck in the black dress. Forgot to specify in my post above.


So Blair and Nate walk in on two people going at it on the bed, and then a few moments later in the promo they're on that same bed. Could they have walked in on Vanessa? I dont think she'd be on to cheat, but maybe that's why Nate says actually no. He's upset at what he saw before? Just a theory. Also I'm pretty sure that's Blair on the bed because the girl is wearing a black sleeveless dress, kind of like the one in the other short promo where she pushes Chuck up against the wall. Wonder why looks like he's pulling away at the end. Love the Vanessa and Chuck dialogue. So much goodness! I haven't been this excited for GG in a while.


Totally agree with GG_lover, too many things are happening! I think it's what happens when writers try to stretch a show for 25 eps (I think the "natural" lengh of a show is 22 eps), sometimes you have to have fillers, e.g. elle's plot, sometimes you rush into action because fans get bored.
Nevertheless, waiting forward for next ep!


I'm going to take a shot at deciphering the promo:
Not too sure if it is Blair underneath of Chuck. I would love it to be. But kinda looks like Elle. It could be in Chuck's room, at the Van der Woodsen/ Bass residence, and Serena/Blair walks in? There were pics of Carter, Chuck & Elle at a restaurant. Maybe somehow Carter sets up Chuck (pays Elle to seduce Chuck) so Blair sees him getting it on with Elle and Blair becomes even more hurt and falls into the arms of Carter. Chuck possibly tries to fight Elle's advances but she's pulls him down onto the bed and rips open his shirt..but either way it will look very bad to whomever walks in on them. This will set off the new Blair. She no longer cares about her reputation and just goes wild (that always worked for Serena with very little consequence so why not try it). Chuck realizes Blair is his one and only and is no longer afraid to let others know. The fight for Blair begins.


Am I the only one who thinks GG is going forward way too fast?
Is like all the things that did´nt happend in 5 episodes are going to be aired on the next 3!
but i like it, =), the rush life of the UES...


OMG OMG, this is so sick!
This show is amazing and I really can't wait to see these next few episodes:)
Chuck & Blair 4ever!

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