Brittany Snow, Andrew McCarthy Film Spinoff

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As we know by now, Brittany Snow will star as a younger Lily van der Woodsen (formerly Lily Rhodes) in flashbacks on the May 11 episode of Gossip Girl.

The flashback sequences will set the stage for a Gossip Girl spinoff pilot, which will follow Lily's adventures in Los Angeles as a rebellious teenager.

If feedback is good, the new show will likely be picked up for the fall season.

Andrew McCarthy plays her father, Rick. Here's them on the set this week:

Brittany Snow, Andrew McCarthy

Will we like what we see of young Lily when we meet her in six weeks?

"We're taking some artistic liberties," says Snow. "Hopefully, the audience will see it as a portion of her life and not directly connected to who she is now."

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Ditto Enunciiate...
Love him


i mean that was a cool idea when josh was thinking about making The It Girl spinoff, but this is pointless, and what i hate the most is the fact that rufus won't be appearing until season 3 or 5, this is just ridiculous
hate the cast, though i dunno this andrew mccarthy guy
the show is rather shit right now, the ratings r saying it, the plotlines r screaming for help, why the cast doesnt say anything about it? i like gg a lot, and i would have liked the it girl im sure, but this lily thing, i just dont get it, it's pointless, just like smallville, u already know the end


Why are people talking about NB on this forum? : D : D I think Brittany Snow is going to ruin Lily. Kelly Rutherford is a very elegant-looking woman. I saw pics of her when she was younger; she looked fantastic and nothing like Brittany Snow, who only bears a vague resemblance to her. Andrew McCarthy? I've actually never heard of him (don't hate) but I will quite obviously watch the episode- doubt if I will watch the spinoff.


whyyyyyyyy!! can this be stopped??! i hope they read this or something and not do this retarded spin off shit! i hope it dies when the pilot shows!!


queen d basically a spin off means a show that derived from other show. like the new show 90210 has been from beverly hills 90210.


i'm sorry but can anyone tell me what a spinoff is?


the dad looks kinda hot in this pic.


Well Josh isn't the only on working on Gossip Girl and this show, he's got Stephanie Savage too who has put as just as much f her influence into the show as well (she was also the one that turned him onto Gossip Girl) so between the two of them i'm sure they can divide up their time well. As for the Spin off, i think it is a fantastic idea. It's way more creative than Gossip Girl (not hard to be) and with the relationship of Lily and her sister Carol i think it will be like a cool twist on Gilmore Girls (if done correctly). Plus i think the idea of bringing his old OC characters is and ingenious way to create an incredible teen drama universe lol. And people have to remember the current Lily and the spin off Lily are like two different people. This one is more of a wild child and full of that angsty teenage stuff that makes these shows so exciting. This is Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage the people that brought The OC, Gossip Girl, and Chuck (only Josh on that last one) they can make some excellent television and i think that they are fully capable of pulling this off. So stop whining and just watch it!


come on people!!!
GIVE A CHANCE TO THE SPIN-OFF !! i think we all love it!


REALLY how long before its cancelled?


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